Head of Manufacturing Cluster Management - China&Korea&ASEAN


1. Strategy development and implementation

▪ Responsible for developing and implementing a strategy for the manufacturing operations, aligned with the BA's and sector´s overall objectives.
▪ Together with other Operations Clusters consolidation of manufacturing plants strategic input and contributions as strategic base data.
2. Overall operational management

▪Responsible for overseeing the operations of all cluster manufacturing plants, ensuring that production targets are met, quality standards are maintained, and costs are managed effectively.
▪Responsible for operational warehousing network connected to manufacturing plants within cluster. This includes support for warehouse strategy of BA and sector.
▪Ensuring operational KPI-trackings as per defined standards from all connected manufacturing plants of cluster
▪Cost responsibility on consolidated basis for manufacturing plants in the cluster.
▪Ensure compliance conform handling in cluster manufacturing plants as per standards.

3. Budgeting and financial management

▪ Responsible for creating and managing budgets for each plant, tracking expenses, and optimizing costs to improve profitability.
▪ Responsible for Commercial Excellance reporting from manufacturing plant side for the cluster.
4. People management

▪ Responsible for managing a team of plant managers and ensuring that they are equipped with the necessary resources, training, and support to achieve their targets.
▪ Inspire people considering Continental's leadership philosophy; live by and promote the leadership excellence compass; walk the talk (be the role model); Empower team and foster open communication; provide and receive constructive feedback; keep ContiTech behavioral values and code of conduct at priority level
 • Secure or support qualified staffing within responsible organization; secure qualified personnel development programs

5. Performance management

▪ Responsible for setting performance targets, tracking progress, and implementing corrective actions when necessary.
▪ Overall performance responsibility in all manufacturing plants of the operational cluster.
▪ Secure performance trackings and reporting as per defined standards.
▪ Keep close collaboration with other operational clusters for aligned performance activities and initiatives as well as cross-support measures.
▪ Ensure smooth and efficient collaboration within value chains with Quality Testing as well as Technology function interfaces for all cluster manufacturing plants.

6. Supply chain management

▪ Responsible for ensuring that the plants have the necessary equipment, and supplies to meet production targets.
▪ Ensure smooth collaboration with SCM network of BA and sector. Take corrective actions alongside with SCM in order to ensure safe production at any time.
7. Quality management

▪ Responsible for ensuring that the plants meet the defined quality standards, complying with regulations, and implementing continuous improvement processes.
▪ Strong support in plant roll-out and implementations of tCMS / TISAX (where applicable) systems together with BA QM and GSCF QM.
8. Health and safety management

▪ Responsible for ensuring that all plants comply with health and safety regulations, implementing safety programs, and addressing any safety issues that arise.
▪ Secure health and safety reporting according to Group standards; execute age stability initiatives where applicable for cluster.
9. Stakeholder management

▪ Responsible for building relationships with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders to ensure that the company's products and services meet their needs and expectations. Build strong networks with internal and external stakeholders, including operations management, supply chain management, production management, engineering, finance, and environmental health and safety personnel.
▪Maintains collaboration excellence with Operations networt of BA and sector.

10. Communication

▪ Responsible for preparing regular reports on the performance of the plants, communicating with senior management, and presenting to the Operations team.

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1. MFG processes and technologies: Good understanding of processes and technologies, and emerging trends and best practices.

2. SCM: Knowledge of SCM principles and practices, including inventory management, logistics, and procurement.

3. QM: Understand QM principles and practices, including statistical process control, Six Sigma, and Total Quality Management (TQM).

4. Compliance: Familiarity with relevant standards and guidelines, including environmental, health and safety, and labor regulations.

5. Financial management (FM): Knowledge of FM principles and practices, including budgeting, forecasting, and cost analysis.

6. Leadership: Expertise in leadership principles, including team building, conflict resolution, and performance management.

7. Strategic planning: The ability to develop and implement long-term strategic plans that align with organizational goals and objectives.

8. Communication: Excellent communication and collaboration skills. Ability to work effectively with employees, customers, suppliers.

9. Change management: The ability to manage and facilitate change across multiple locations and teams.

10. Innovation: A commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. The ability to foster a culture of continuous improvement.

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Despre noi

Continental Group:

Continental develops pioneering technologies and services for sustainable and connected mobility of people and their goods. Founded in 1871, the technology company offers safe, efficient, intelligent and affordable solutions for vehicles, machines, traffic and transportation. In 2023, Continental generated preliminary sales of €41.4 billion and currently employs around 200,000 people in 56 countries and markets.

Since starting its business in China in 1994, Continental serves all major OEMs across all vehicle segments. We also develop and produce materials, functional parts, components, and systems for railway, machinery, mining and other important industries. So far, Continental has expanded its presence in 23 production locations and 28 R&D centers, representing a workforce of around 17,600 in the country. Continental offers market specific solutions to the Chinese market.


ContiTech Group Sector:

ContiTech is one of the world's leading industry experts. Far beyond our roots as a rubber products manufacturer, we offer connected, environment-friendly, safe and convenient industry and service solutions using a range of materials for off-highway applications, on rails and roads, in the air, under and above the ground, in industrial environments, for the food industry and the furniture industry. As a group sector of Continental, ContiTech currently employs more than 40,000 people in 40 countries and regions and is active as a global industrial partner in Asia, Europe, North America and South America.


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