Electronic Engineer


Key target of the job profile

Responsible for product design in BU PSS SPS Engineering China for new development and mass products
Responsible for design as independent engineers with self leading compentency

Dimensions/ Organization/

Leading self  engineering in BU PSS SPS Eng China 

Internal/External Contacts

The resources in Engineering, Project managers, program managers, other engineers in manufacturing, Quality reliability testing and purchasing, SQA, Sales, R&D heads and engineers in other locations

Customers in China & other location, law related office, suppliers

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New product development

1. Support Define Responsible product design concept/ Specification/Drawing with robust and competitive solution
2. Support  release design concept by HQ
3. Support owner of design freezing
4. Support managing for successful developing new products in budget
5. Responsible for good technical document quality with  enough knowledge, good skills in using applicable software
6. Support making decision of product development
- Participating development meeting for timely project launching

New product development 

Review and Release technical documents from E20 to E80
 Strategically product portfolio building

Product Promotion

Technical support for New Business Acquisitions
 Technical presentation to internal and external customers
 Product technology and engineering competency promotion during market events to external and internal customers

Mass production

Technical support for production of responsible segment in China
Design Change of Serial Products
Confirm result of suspicious sensors with customer

Proto development 

Confirm prototype samples
Leading Proto Design Freeze

Team management

Team management to achieve BU and company target and goal
 Coach and mentoring engineers for demands or expectations
 Building team’s skill and engineering competency
 support Evaluate team and decide promotion


Coordinating Extra and internal contact with team
Support Consults decision making in team
Building environment for free and open dialogue in team


R&D Budget  Managing and keep task in Budget
BU and Company financial target
 Contribute profitability

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Oferta noastră

Ready to drive with Continental? Take the first step and fill in the online application.

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Despre noi

Continental Changchun Technology Center, located on Tianqing Road of Jingyue Development Zone, Changchun City, with a building area of 18,886 square meters. CCTC is Continental’s largest R&D center in northern China.
   Continental Changchun Technical Center always takes improving road safety as its mission, with the vision of zero fatalities, zero injuries, and zero accidents, to provide customers with quality automotive products and services. More than 400 R&D talents are currently working at Continental Changchun Technology Center, developing innovative products for the Asian automotive market. Talents’ competencies cover software, algorithms, hardware, electronics, mechanical, et cetera, helping to form Continental Changchun Technology Center leading position in domestic and worldwide product development technology.

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