Technical Regulations Analyst (TRA)


The Technical Regulations Analyst is responsible for enriching the objects, provided by the TRC, in the requirement managment tool with BA/Group sector-specific information to make an efficient requirements development possible

The position is self leading with global role and responsibility. 

Main Tasks

  1. Inform Technical Regulation Coordinator (TRC) and/or Technical Regulation Manager (TRM), as needed, about required external standards and legal technical regulations to be search for and, if known, the sources.
  2. Inform TRM about potential sources which should be considered in the scanning process (e.g. identified within a project) 
  3. Support TRC to identify suitable Technical Regulation Analysts (TRA) and allocate the objects in the specific tool to manage requirements to them▪
  4. Evaluate the potential relevance of external standards and legal technical regulations for the products and technology in the area of responsibility.
  5. Add BA specific data (e.g. technology grouping) to each object within the specific tool to manage requirements
  6. Decide with support of TRC/TRE if further support from a legal counsel is needed and flag respectively
  7. Creation of interpretation (if found necessary)
  8. Request support for clarification (e.g. legal implications between various regions) by Continental legal counsel
  9. Support TRC to create changelog & communicate to projects & product reponsibles
  10. Support TRC to provide enriched data including interpretation, if existing to projects & product responsible
  11. Collaboration with the respective TRAs (e.g. cross BA Network) and the TRC&TRM
  12. Support the projects (e.g. Requirements Engineer) identifying of the project relevant for external standards and legal technical regulations (e.g. tC project council).
  13. Give guidance by requirement implementation
  14. Be contact for advice in case of uncertainties regarding tC requirements
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  • Academic Degree Science or Engineering
  • Broad working experience in the area of R&D or Application Engineering (in chemical or mechanical area)
  • Experiences in external standards and legal technical regulations
  • Experiences in database management and “Big Data” handling (Requirement Engineering Tools)
  • Basic experiences in Project Management
  • Experiences in Requirement Engineering
  • Structured documentation of complex records
  • Advanced Business English experiences , German is a plus


  • Products(portfolio) in the area of responsibility 
  • Manufacturing process in the area of responsibility
  • Application of  the Products
  • Maintaining data in IT tools
  • Knowlegde about external standards and legal technical regulations
  • communication skills
  • intercultural understanding
  • Analytical and structural working 
  • Decision making
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