Safety Responsible - Tires


Communicates to the employer and employees the new legal / internal requirements applicable for the plant, as well the changes inside the internal/central requirements.

Carries out inspections, to check compliance with legal and internal requirements and to identify potential risks for each workplace.

Participates directly in the assessment of the risks of accidents and occupational diseases. Develops and participates in the implementation, monitoring and updating of the prevention and protection plan.

Ensures the implementation of risk reduction measures at the workplace and their monitoring.

Develops its own occupational health and safety instructions.

Prepares, within the established terms, the information, reports, and situations required by management / legislation in relation to the development of specific safety&health activities, as well as related statistics, if necessary.

Proposes clauses, regarding health and safety at work when service contracts are concluded and ensures (performs inspections/controls) during the activities carried out in the plant that internal/legal safety & health requirements are complied.

Recognizes and evaluates the gaps in knowledge, experience, skills, and behavior necessary for the current and future performance in safety & health of the employees and proposes measures in case is required.

'Raising employees' awareness and providing relevant information on workplace safety

Participates in the investigation of work events or any other work-related event.

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University education in engineering, chemistry or natural sciences;
Occupational Health and Safety Specialist Course - average level 80 hours
Specialized studies (master's degree or in-depth studies) on occupational safety
1 year in the field of Occupational Safety.

English - advanced level

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The Business Area Tires offers the perfect tires for a wide range of different applications - from cars, trucks and buses to special vehicles, bicycles and motorcycles. Through continuous investment in Research & Development, Continental makes a major contribution to safe, cost-effective and ecologically efficient mobility. The portfolio of the Business Area Tires includes services for the tire trade and for fleet applications, as well as digital management systems for tires.

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