Controls & Drives Engineer 2W


1) Transfers knowledge and conducts training to all C&D personnel (Engineers/Electricians) in the plant based on C&D skill matrix in his area.
2) Supports all controls and drives maintenance activities 24/7 in order to fulfill committed production plans and ensure adherence to C&D standard processes in his area. 
3) Ensures and maintain/supervise C&D standards for all installations and upgrades of equipment (m/c) including Manufacturing IT Systems in his area. 
4) Maintains continuous backups for all equipment, control remote access and support change management.
5) Involves and handle 2W Projects for Improvement and Upgrades

6) Technical Support addressed mainly from Maintenance, Projects or Utilities Departments.
Contribution to reach Department and Plant KPI's.
7) Full responsibility to maintain and preserve hardware and software for Controls Systems.

8) Accept the responsibility and striving for excellence in all work processes and outcomes, honoring organization policies and all regulatory requirements.

9) Understanding and adherence to environmental, safety and health policy, procedures and regulations issued by ESH Department and also to take care of own safety as well as working colleagues within the plant premises.

10) Responsiblity and supervison of:
Protection, Creation of Backups and Maintenance of control system software, such as IPC's, PLC's, Drives, Communication Devices, etc. - executed by Maintenance Area.

11) Configuration of IPC’s for completion of: IP Addresses and Host Names, Business Partner Access, IPC’s Imaging, Inventory, Backing up and Restoring, IT Security, Domain Integration, Manufacturing Systems (MMS, SFI, MCAT, FFDACS, etc.), Central Recipe Management and Energy Monitoring.

12) Ensure compliance with the electrical standards defined by Engineering Tires (MES/C&D) for IPC’s, PLC’s, Drives, Machines Interfaces, Controls, etc.

13) Maintain day to day communication with respect and collaboration with management and all the engineers in the C&D Department. Implement, Validate and Document the hardware and software changes made to the Control Systems in accordance with Change Management Specification.

14) Act us 3rd level support for breakdowns ( 1st - electricians / 2nd C&D maintenance area engineers ).
Provide  support to Project, Utilities & Buildings and Maintenance departments.

Provide Technical Support in terms of hardware (IPC’s, PLC's, Drives Systems, etc.) and software (Control Settings, High Level Programming, etc.) is concerned according with the Internal Escalation Organization.

15) Conduct training to the Maintenance Team in terms of Control Systems.
Coordination with Training Department is required.

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1) Bachelor of electrical engineering or equivalent

2) 3 years C&D engineering experience in production industry

3) Experience in several machine improvement, refurbishment, upgrade or installation projects

4) International team capability
Fluent business English ( C2 - proficient English )

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