Algorithm Engineer


1. Responsible for the research and development of real-time path planning algorithm and model design in urban and highway environment, according to HD-Maps, sensing sensors, etc., combined with vehicle kinematics and dynamic constraints.
2. Be responsible for behavior modeling and risk situation assessment of target vehicles in autonomous driving environment.
3. Design and implementation of decision planning algorithm architecture.
4. Responsible for the path planning of autonomous driving and the development of obstacle avoidance algorithm.
5. Responsible for the development of local path planning algorithm in autonomous driving scene.
6. Be responsible for the research and implementation of L2 and above driving system perception, configuration, integration, localization and planning, decision-making and other algorithms. Citește mai mult


1. Master’s degree or above, major in computer, vehicle engineering, control theory and engineering.
2. Proficient in using C++, MATLAB, familiar with Linux and ROS development.
3. Be familiar with vehicle kinematics / dynamics model, be familiar with mainstream autonomous driving behavior decision-making and motion planning algorithm.
4. Working experience: at least 5 years of experience in decision planning and control algorithm development.
5. Have rich experience in the autonomous driving industry, be familiar with the overall technical architecture of autonomous driving.
6. Have solid engineering implementation ability, strong sense of responsibility and learning ability, and good communication skills. Citește mai mult

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