Inventory Coordinator

Descrição da função

▪Carries out the cyclical inventories of the raw material and finished product warehouse according to its cyclical program

▪Reports the variations found in physical verification against SAP to correct them and maintain the reliability of the department.

▪Monitoring and reporting the status of materials with expiration date in the warehouse on a weekly basis, reporting to the areas involved and maintaining their correct use.

▪Coordinates and Supervises the inventories in production according to the cyclical calendar with the support of the department's personnel. and maintain process reliability

▪Performs material comparative cycles for decision-making on adjustments or variations in material consumption by production reports

▪Reports and monitors expired materials in the area for their disposal

▪ Performs weekly inventories and packaging report to report consumption by cost center of materials outside of BUM in SAP

▪ Performs physical cyclical inventories in external locations for the validation of records in SAP

▪ Follows and manages the correction of COGIS generation in the different production areas and warehouses to maintain reliable plant inventory records

▪Reports to the departments involved on erroneous consumption detected in COGIS for correction


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Technical or Preparatory Career

2 years warehouse management

knowledge SAP Windows management (desirable)

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