Key Account Manager

Descrição da função

Key Account Manager is the owner of all cross BA matters (i.e. mega-supplier negotiations, system quotes, terms & conditions etc.) and the main representative in front of the customer. He/she develops and executes the agreed customer strategy and account business plan, summarizing all business opportunities for future growth. He/she is the main business driver across BAs for ChangAn. He/she is based in Chongqing.

1. Business Growth

▪  Defines potential business and growth opportunities through white spot analysis  
▪  Supports selection of "must wins" and creates action plans and tactics to win
▪  Responsible for the entire quotation process for cross BA quotations

2. Account Strategy

▪  Defines the Account Strategy and Business Plan across BA
▪  Drives the BUs to execute Account strategy and potential business opportunities
▪  Monitor and communicate competitor activities

3. Customer Management

▪  Responsible for ChangAn
▪  Responsible for all collective items (GT&C´s, all cross BA contracts, open book policy etc.) 
▪  Responsible for pro active de-escalation of critical customer issues 
▪  Responsible for lower to middle management level customer meetings 
▪  Responsible for all cross BA negotiations (i.e. Mega supplier, Global player, R+D)
▪  Represents Conti Automotive in all customer management levels (CRM)
▪  Consults BAs in all customer affairs
▪  Responsible for senior executive customer meetings and fairs & shows

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  • Sales knowledge: negotiation skills, customer orientation
  • BU-specific product and assortment knowledge
  • Entrepreneurial thinking and ability to work self-directed
  • Strong sales mindset
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong strategic and analytical skills
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