Display Component Project Management 显示屏项目经理(芜湖/南京)

Descrição da função


▪ Deep understanding of display principle & technology and related optical performance

▪ Know how for touch panel principle & technology

▪ Know how for Optical bonding

▪ Knowledge in display driving electronics, display interface, analogue/digital electronics and microprocessor 

▪ Develop new display / touch panel technologies in preparation for application in future automotive products

2.Requirements development

▪ Analyse and translates customer requirements into display requirements

▪ Defines and conducts reviews on display concepts based on customer requirement & internal requirement which inputs from other disciplines

3.Project development

▪ Develop displays in automotive products (instrument cluster,display solutions, HUD)

▪ Defines, aligns and tracks display development milestones / schedule according to product schedule together with PM and TPL

▪ Project lead of display development for delivery to customer

▪ Development include concept creation, architecture design, deviation review and negotiation with supplier, design review, performance evaluation/optimization, specification creation and engineering release (consolidates inputs from other disciplines)

▪ Follow both project implementation and quality management rules in realization of display


4.Supplier management

▪ Manage suppliers and act as interface to supplier for all technical topics

▪ Keep close communication with suppliers to get new technology application, low cost solution and potential profitable solution investigation

▪ Support component PPAP preparation , function ISIR appoval

▪ Support SQM for display quality issue and imprvement 

▪ Supplier PCN / PTN activities



5.Problem solving

▪ Support issues which are related to display

▪ Take leading failure analysis and problem solving on LCD issues



▪ Support on product / display benchmarking

▪ Support on display low cost / cost down idea



▪ Common training in R&D to improve general knowledge on display

▪ Organize display supplier tech-day & demo show


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1.Technical Expert

Display principle & technology and related optical performance

2.Technical Advanced

(1)Good knowledge of the product components (electrical engineering, software, mechanical engineering)

(2)Display driving electronics, display interface, analogue/digital electronics and microprocessor 

3.Good language skills (English)

4.Process Advanced

(1)Project management skills

(2)Development procedures

(3)Planning and organization

5.Soft skills Advanced

Communication skills

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