Mobile Robot Backend Development Intern (IDX: 2024-00007)

Descrição da função

Continental Singapore developed autonomous mobile robot "Corriere". It can drive through outdoor footpath autonomously and we have conducted a number of trials in NTU campus. The robot equipts sensors like Lidar, cameras, GPS, imu and can detect pedestrians/vehicles on the roads. You will join the R&D team and collabratively develop new modules to enhance our corriere mobile robots.

Internship work scope:
Contribute to mobile robot R&D team and develop software features for mobile robot. backend applications  like CICD test and data management.
Conduct offline robot/device configuration.
Conduct offline tests to test robot performances.

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Willing to learn.
Good programming skills.
Knowledge in network application development or related fields.
Experience or knowledge in software test or software engineering. 
Experience or Knowledge in robotics or ROS/ROS2 will be an advantage.

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O que oferecemos

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