Cross-domain HPC Product Manager

Descrição da função

A Product Manager is responsible that the objectives of an Agile Release Train (ART) are captured and prioritized in the Program Backlog. Therefore the Product Management align with the ART stakeholders (internal and external) to identify their needs, and to fill the Program Backlog with Features using the input from the Release Train Architects (RTAs), Business Owner(s) and stakeholders.

The Product Management is the main ART interface to the internal and external stakeholders and drives the communication between them and the Product Owners (PO) and the RTAs. Product Manager and Product Owners align regularly in the PO Sync meeting and track the progress of the Features planned for the current Program Increment (PI), reacting as soon as deviations are identified to the planned schedule and reporting the changes to the stakeholders.

The Product Manager work with the Release Train Engineer to ensure that the Agile Teams are working according to the expected standards and ensuring that any impediments that affects the schedule are identified, highlighted and resolved as fast as possible.

The Product Manager also approve any of the incremental deliveries of the Agile Teams that satisfy the Definition of Done (DoD) and Acceptance Criteria (AC) of the Business Features. On an ART Level a Product Manager is the equivalent to the PO on team level and so coaches the POs of the ART.

The Product Manager of High Performance Computer Product line leading HPC product engineering ART from acquisition , development to industrialization and after field maintenance of HPC products for OEM.

The Product Manager is responsible for the following standard topics of SAFe in the context of a single Agile Release Train:

• supporting and communicating the PI and Solution Roadmap

• refining and prioritizing the Program Backlog (content authority) so that sufficiently described Features are available for a PIPE

• establishing a Product Manager / Product Owner team and ensure the corresponding PO Sync meetings • leading, mentoring and synchronizing the POs

• acting as the main interface to the ART stakeholders for reporting the progress of the Feature implementation

• escalation of product and backlog related issues

• working together with stakeholders to understand their needs, define Features and validate solutions (fulfillment of DoD criteria)

• defining and validating Acceptance Criteria of Features in collaboration with respective stakeholders or customers

• owning the “what”: manage release planning & delivery schedule, including forecast concerning Feature completeness, until delivery and approval by the deployment organization

• participating actively in the PIPE including the Inspect and Adapt

• organizing and moderating the System Demos

• planning of solution delivery milestones and tracking of PI Objectives

• working with Release Train Architects and Product Owners to decompose highlevel requirements and specifications

• monitoring and assessing metrics (focus: PI progress, reliable forecasts, delivery completeness and solution quality)

• achieving the business goals: products must meet economic business goals

• aligning and monitoring of any suppliers to the ART including the management of 3rd Party Software Suppliers

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1. Very good in customer communication , internal / external stakeholders coordination and being able to work under pressure.

2. Well knowledge and experience in structured problem solving, has ability to analyze and understand complex technical topics cross vehicle domain is must.

3. Good technical overview and experience from one vehicle domain is a must , system & software engineering and/or electronic engineering background in autonomous driving and/or chassis control domain is preferred.

4. Knowledge of in-vehicle communication protocols is must, plus diagnosis and other infrastructure features is preferred.

5. At least 1 actual complete experience of complex product project execution is mandatory with engineering team size > 100 FTE. Leading engineering experience in base product development and / or participate product strategy / roadmap definition is preferred.

6. Workable English skill in oral and written is mandatory. Working experience in multinational environment with multiple engineering locations is preferred.

7. Team player and willing to travel

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