Sr Process Engineer

Descrição da função

Ensure the best process capability for his manufacturing processes, and to reach the highest technical availability for his equipment.

• He / She is responsible of one /more process steps: PCB handling, Laser marking (PCB), PCB cleaning Solder paste printing, Post printing inspection, SMD placement, Reflow soldering, Bare die placement, Inspection (AOI/AXI), Wave soldering (including the acc. manual assembling), Selective soldering (including the acc. manual assembling), Press fit, Press in, Depaneling, Internal transportation, Product packaging for delivery, Coating & varnishing (dip, spray). Dispensing (thermal conductive glue & paste, gluing & sealing) Curing, Automation BE (including screwing), Manual assembling, Riveting of plastics, Laser welding & marking, Lamination, Au wire bonding thermosonic, ball/wedge, wedge on ball, stitch on bump Al wire ltrasonic, wedge/wedge, thin, thicbonding
" • His / Her's expertize of processes in his/her's responsibility is independent of the standard /existing processes: specialized on minimum 2 processes, at least one being an inhouse used platform.
• He is responsible for ensuring the technical resources regarding his process steps for the realization of the daily production plan.
• He ensures the process capability of his processes after SOP. He is responsible for supporting the continuous improvement of these processes regarding capability and robustness."
" • He is responsible of reaching the quality targets and KPI's in his processes.
• He ensures adherance to our CBS phylosofy and Continuous Improvement programs (TPM, Kaizen, Lean Check, 5S's, etc).
• He is responsible of reaching the quality targets and KPI's in his processes."
"• He is responsible for the technical trouble shooting process regarding his process steps. He has to respond to the production alarm systems, which is activated, if the realization of the production plan or the product quality is in danger.
• He keeps contact with the TechNet global champion for his processes. He contributes to the global standardization of his processes, and implements the global standards in his processes.
• He has to work according to the procedures, work instructions, process descriptions"
".• He has to keep updated all process and quality documentations related to his processes.
• He has to maintain his technical know-how, and must participate in the trainings, organized by the company.
• He is responsible for the spare part availability for his process steps and equipments."
"• He has to propose cost improvement projects for his process steps.
• He reports to his superior about the actual status and about the future tasks regarding his processes. Dar seguimiento y soporte a actividades relacionadas al TPM"

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Education: Bachelor Degree in Electronics / Electrotechnics

Professional Experience: Automation, Mechanics / Mechatronics, Practical understanding of modern production and quality management tools, like lean manufacturing and six sigma (green belt).
Experience with Automotive Quality standards

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This Business Area Vehicle Networking and Information develops modules and end-to-end systems for connected mobility along the strategic elements “Network. Inform. Integrate.”, i.e. hardware, software and services. By providing solutions for networking, human-machine interaction, system integration and high-performance computing for cars, commercial vehicles and fleets, Vehicle Networking and Information ensures functioning networks and a smooth flow of information for connected mobility.

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