Jr. Production Planner

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  •  Achieve sales target thru accurate capacity and manpower calculations.
  • Evaluates production capacity to assess sales volume achievement of production segments
  • Manages and controls approved segment budget and determine optimum manpower requirement.
  • Ensures the wise usage of budget by controlling and overseeing the resources thru a timely and appropriate planning .
  • Ensures the plan is feasible in all aspects to achieve common goal which is customer satisfaction
  • Develops space management strategy. Headcount planning and OEE. Project Management.
  • Supports the 5 year floor space strategy for production and non production layout to ensure that no customer impact in the movement.
  • Reviews formulated budget planning calculation to ensure that the calculated data of OEE and Headcount are accurately analyzed resulting to agreed and competitive budget values.
  • Generates and shares comprehensive and detailed reports about team performance, KPI related objectives, and project deadlines.
  • Carefully analyzes and ensures that all calculations being reported outside of the department are accurate and adheres to the Continental standard.
  • Supports calculation of IE and NPL  inputs for product Launches
  • Reviews the calculated needed headcount, production capacity, materials, production schedule required to attain and ensure that new product will have a successful launch.
  • Establishment of productivity standards.
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SAP Proficiency

English speaking and writing

Capacity and utilization calculation

Excel Proficiency

Project Management

Supply Chain Inventory Management


BS Industrial Engineering & Associate of computer Technology

Advanced  understanding on manufacturing procurement/Supply Chain Management

Understanding of IATF16949, ISO 9001,ISO 14001 standard

Understanding on Advanced Product Quality Planning
Ability to lead process improvement with regards to production and capacity planning

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We make individual mobility safer, more comfortable and more sustainable. As a partner to the automotive industry, Continental develops and manufactures components, modules and systems. The safety and comfort of road users are at the center of our work. In addition, we develop ever more products which contribute to the protection of the environment by reducing fuel consumption.


Continental is one of the five largest automobile suppliers worldwide. Our development centers and production facilities are located where our customers are, so we are always nearby – worldwide. Many of our business units have excellent competitive positions: We are number one worldwide for foundation brakes, safety electronics, telematics, vehicle instrumentation, and fuel supply systems, and number two for electronic brake systems and brake boosters. We are the fourth worldwide for tires and are the European market leader for passenger and light truck tires, winter tires, and industrial tires. Our ContiTech division is the world market leader for foils used in vehicle interiors, conveyor belts, as well as for air springs used in rail transportation technology.


The Plant is certified on IATF 16949, ISO 14001, ANSI  ESD S.20-2007, IEC 61340-5-1:2007.

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