Product Development Quality

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The Product Development Quality ensures that internal and external quality requirements are adequately addressed in the project organization.
The quality status of project results and project specific processes is checked and recorded by performing suitable verification procedures (e.g. participation in review meetings, development process checks).
Deviations of defined standards are recognized in time and reported to management, corrective actions are initiated and tracked.
Remark: This role must be assigned to a member of the quality department.

In general the role of Product Development Quality emphasis on two areas: Product Development (QMP PD) and Application Development (QMP AD). The role within the process description does not distinguish between the main emphases.
In the project work however is a distinction: the Product Development Quality PD generates the basis documentation, while the Product Development Quality AD adapts to the application needs. Moderation of root cause analyses
PCC (A-SPICE) auditory for WW
Support quality activities for NA

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Ensure legal requirements, automotive standards and internal quality requirements are met, relevant lessons learned are applied
QM responsible for product quality (HW, MD) beyond customer applications. Push for preferred component suppliers, robust designs and manufacturing technologies
QM plan / support for product segments in Platform and module Development projects
Identify weak areas or process deviations and push for continuous improvement
Coordinate, plan (QPP) and report product family / multiple location validations
Problem resolution management method support / training beyond customer applications
Product quality related task force management support beyond customer applications
Independent quality reporting (provided by QMS) and escalation management on product segment level (project quality status, 0-km, warranty)
Overall QM responsible for change management, participates in CCB (Platform, Series)
QM responsible for PCN/PTN beyond customer applications
Ensure customer quality requirements and customer quality targets are met, lessons learned are collected
QM responsible for product quality (HW, MD) in customer application
QM plan / support for customer programs in Application Development projects
Identify weak areas or process deviations and push for continuous improvement
Coordinate, plan and report customer specific product validations
Problem resolution management on customer quality complaints / alerts
Customer application specific task force management support
Independent quality reporting (provided by QMS) and escalation on customer application level (project quality status, 0-km, and warranty). Analyze customer performance ratings
Customer audit management
QM responsible for customer approvals / communication topics (multiple plants)

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