Python Developer for System Test Factory - VED (Iasi)

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Each one of us can contribute to a better future. You can do this daily as DevOps Engineer for System Test Factory role.

If you are oriented towards innovation, now you have the chance to make a career out of it. We want to build the future vehicles and we want you along with us!

Do you want to be a Python Developer for System Test Factory - VED Systems ?

Python developer job consists in being able to understand, maintain and deploy current DevOps Continuous Verification solution into several products.

Our DevOps culture has focus on full automation and error prone infrastructure in regard with testing activities on system level (HIL environment), which emphasize planning, installation, configuration, validation, test run and closure activities like test report, statistics.

In deep activity on full restoration of environment, test run dependencies, and mirroring run configurations in automated way.

Our System Test Factory consists of:

- Front end application - Dockerized Django web based application orchestrated with Postgress, Gunicorn and Nginx containers.
- Back end application - Python based handler that operates automotive tools (e.g. Canalyzer, Canoe, E-sys, Odis, etc).
- Automation/Task manager machine - Jenkins server application that manages dry/wet HIL environments.

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Experienced with Python 3 within following areas:
- functional programming (functions, closures, decorators, lambda), Iterators, generators, context managers, Comphresions, File I/O, Concurrency (threading, multiprocessing), Rest API
- Information exchange and inter-process communication: COM object, SOAP, Batch, Client-Server architecture, TCP socket
- OOP: Classes, Objects, Meta programming, Descriptors, single/multiple Inheritance, encapsulation, MIXINs, OOP / SOLID principles, design patterns
- Django: MVT architecture, ORM, URLconfs, class based views, template views, forms, model instances, querysets, tags, filters, apps (django-tables2, django-widget-tweaks, django-bootstrap-modal-forms)
- Testing: Selenium, Pytest, Mocking, Fixtures, HTML report, coverage, TDD

- Advanced in groovy scripting
- Scripted/Declarative Pipeline ( stages, steps, nodes )
- Jobs ( pipeline, freestyle, multibranch pipeline )
- Development interpreters: batch, powershell
- In touch with plugins: Jenkins template engine, Role based strategy, email-ext, git, ldap, mailer, Git Webhook trigger, configuration as code
- Indeep knowledge in regard with inspection, validation, startup, abortion and reformating of jobs, builds, nodes, job trigger source
- Programatic queue management

Containerization (docker):
- Docker networking, volumes, port mapping
- Registry, image build
- Container inspection, process execution within running container
- Dockerfile configuration and all aferent commands (ADD, RUN, EXPOSE, ... ,ENTRYPOINT)
- Docker-compose – run / deploy / docker-compose file configuration

- Knowledge in regard with Postgres database
- Experience with at least one database administration and development tool (e.g. pgadmin)
- Basic SQL scripting

Operation systems & networking:
- Windows: batch & powershell, process inspection
- Linux: bash: file management; navigation, NANO/VI editor, basic system command knowledge
- Networking: IP networking, Proxy, TSL/SSL handshaking, TCP communication, SSH communication, LDAP


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처우 조건

  • • Competitive Salaries (based on performance) & Benefits;
  • • Health & Wellness (Life Assurance, Private Health and Dental Insurance, Sport activities etc.);
  • • Integration Program in a professional, young & dynamic team;
  • • Possibility to work remote;
  • • A mentor for the integration period;
  • • Professional Development Opportunities (in Technical and Managerial Area);
  • • Stability;
  • • International Work Environment & Traveling Opportunities;
  • • Relocation Package for non-Iasi Residents.
  • Cross-Border Mobile Work in the EU according to internal regulations.

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