QM4 Customer Quality Management

담당 업무

  • Arrange that all quality-related and safety-relevant aspects during the development & launch process are covered in production (internal, supplier, and customer).
  • Pro-active input into product and process design (according to Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)).
  • Lead the product requalification process according to the Control Plan.
  • Contribute to and submit the PPAP package to the customer. This includes internal PPAP approval (signing of all stakeholders of the project) and escalation if needed.
  • Ensure that parts are only delivered with customer approval.
  • Creates Control Plan together with project team based on D/P FMEA and prototype/sample Control Plan (under consideration of all requirements, i.e. Law, Customer Requirements regarding Product & Process)Decision Making.
  • Has the authority to stop the line and/or shipments according to the defined internal procedure.
  • Support in the development and maintenance of P-FMEA.
  • Identification and tracking of quality-related findings, before they affect the external customer.
  • Ensure that processes are followed as defined according to Quality Gates, status meetings, APQP, and launch readiness review.
  • Ensure that escalations are initiated in case of deviations. Initiate Q-Alert.
  • Process qualifications and process capability studies according to the specific procedures, including statistical evaluation, evaluation, and decision of capability results.
  • Provide inputs related to the product traceability concept. Provide traceability information when requested.
  • Lead the customer complaint management activities.
  • Perform product audit.
  • Provide quality reports.
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지원자 프로필

  • University degree or min 3 years of equivalent working experience. 
  • 3 + years of experience in the quality of a manufacturing company, automotive experience is an advantage.
  • At least 1 project (launch and/or series) coordinated from the quality side.
  • Project Management experience is a plus.
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