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Manage of all the internal areas of the Location and satisfies the specific needs for customers and Business division during the introduction of a project and project make market activities. The LPL is the interface for the customer, and the business division and manufacturing location. The LPL is the responsible person in the location for his assigned projects and has under his responsibility defined budget and project team The Location Project Leader acts as a Project-Manager in the Manufacturing Location.

Additional responsibilities

Coordination and management of all project-related items in the location, under the needs of location, BD and customer
Establish the internal project plan for the project introduction in agreement with the BD.
Ensure customer requirements (QS9000, APQP, PPAP-Book etc.)
Follow up of the project milestones for the introduction of a project, based on “Project Development & launch procedure”  PM@Continental
Assign specific goals to the project team members
Performance evaluation of the project team members 
Participate and define the concepts for logistics, quality, manufacturing and testing
Control and coordinate the necessary acquisitions needed for the project.
Ensure the needed resources in the location for the project _(Budget, expences, HC, spendings)
Establish and ensure the needed communication channels between the location, the BD and in the local project team
Accomplish the environment administration system   
Organizing and attending of customer and BD visits related to his/her Projects 
Continuous Improvement Ideas implementation follow up as a result of CIM program
Installation and management of a Local-Project-Team.
Quote with business controlling support for foreign transferences and assure that it will be done with real and updated information.

Define and coordinate the necessary strategies to assure the continuity of production (material, quality, manufacturing)
Monitor and take decisions about OES inventory in the location
Support and supervise programs Phasing Out, on time and in an effective way according the applicable procedures.
Participate with OES BD in the validation of yearly or lifetime forecast for the spare part programs in the location
Assure that location and Nafta BD team finalize last production batch and close Delivery Obligation with customer when a programs get the finalization of the time contracted
Inform OES Core Team about programs close to Phase out 
Report on a monthly basis the results obtained for the projects under his /her responsibility.

Achievement of project goals (KPI´S)
To control, analyze and organize the needed activities to improve the additional cost of the projects
Coordinate, implement and control ECR’s (Engineering changes)
Coordination of continues improvement activities in the location for his/her projects


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Basic Qualifications

Bachelor Degree, certification required.
2 or 3 years experience in Quality, Manufacturing planning, Product Engineer or Logistics. LPL Jr or Group Leader for any of these disciplines.
3 years of experience in manufacturing. Continuous Improving Leadership.
English spoken. TOEIC GDL Level 5.
Rlationship and teamwork with international teams for at least 2 years.

Prefrred Qualifications
Lean Manufacturing. Level 3.

Customer Specific Requirements. Level 2.

Problem Solving. Level 4.
Engineering Changes Management. Level 2.

PCN / PTNs Management. Level 2.

Quality Tools. MSA / MCA / PPCA / PCA / Pokeyokes / PFMEA / CP

Project Management. Level 2.

Finance. Level 2.

New Product Launch. Level 3.

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Continental desarrolla tecnologías y servicios vanguardistas para la movilidad sostenible e interconectada de personas y bienes. Fundada en 1871, la empresa de tecnología ofrece soluciones seguras, eficientes, inteligentes y asequibles para vehículos, máquinas, tráfico y transporte. En 2021, Continental generó ventas por 33 800 millones de euros y actualmente emplea a más de 190 000 personas en 58 países y mercados. El 8 de octubre de 2021, la empresa celebró su 150 aniversario.

El sector del grupo Automotive incluye tecnologías para sistemas de seguridad pasiva, frenos, chasis, movimiento y control de movimiento. La cartera también cuenta con soluciones innovadoras para la conducción asistida y automatizada, tecnologías de visualización y operación, soluciones de audio y cámara para el interior del vehículo, así como con tecnología inteligente de información y comunicación para los servicios de movilidad de operadores de flotas y fabricantes de vehículos comerciales. La gama de productos y servicios se completa con actividades integrales relacionadas con tecnologías de conectividad, electrónica de vehículos y computadoras de alto rendimiento.

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