Software Engineer 软件工程师(芜湖/南京)


(1)Software Design

▪Software module requirement analysis, design, implement and test software modules with defined workflow and process.

▪Software interface design together with other software engineers.

▪Checks and maintain the implemented features in the implementation check.

(2)Software Support

▪Support software interface(PM,FAE) for acquisition, production.

▪Support software group manager for other service department.

(3)Software Quality

▪Follow defined software process and internal software design guideline.

▪Documentation as required by company/department regulation.


▪Regular report working status to software project manager and group manager.

▪Proper internal and external communication and escalation within project team and software team.

(5)Knowledge sharing

▪Document software knowledge, experience and add them to the main project documentation repository.

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(1) Educational /Certification

▪Bachelor degree or higher in Computer Science and Technology, or equivalent;

(2)Professional Experience

▪At least 3 years working in the related engineering field

(3) Project and/or Process Experience

▪At least 3 years working in projects.

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科技公司德国大陆集团成立于1871年,为车辆、机械设备、交通及运输领域提供安全、高效、智能且经济适用的解决方案。目前集团在全球员工数量超过190,000 名,遍及58个国家和地区。大陆中国于2022~2024年连续三年荣膺“中国杰出雇主”。


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