BA AN technical compliance C&R representative


The BA tC Clearing and Risk Management Representative is responsible to ensure technical compliance and effectively execute tC management system in the BA. The BA tC Clearing and Risk Management Representative acts in line with the tC Clearing and Risk Management rule for the BA and is the contact point for the superior tC Organization (2. Line of Defense). First focus is the translation and implementation of 2nd LoD tCMS requirements into BA-specific business processes and conditions. (Tasks of tC Represenative maybe delegated/assigned to further roles). The role of the BA tC Representative can be assumed by any BA tC role if the organizational separation of the three lines of defense (LoD) is maintained. If the role BA tC Representative does not apply, the function acting as 1st Line of Defense (LoD) assumes the roles (e.g., Group Sector R&D or Manufacturing) as long as organizationally independent from the 2nd Line of Defense (LoD).

tC Risk Management
> support the entire systemic tC Clearing and Risk Management process on Group Sector and Group level
> support the identification of systemic tC risks on Group Sector and Group level
> support the analysis and evaluation of systemic tC risks on Group Sector and Group level
> support the treatment of systemic tC risks on Group Sector and Group level
› support integration of Risk Management along the whole Product Life Cycle and usage of appropriate methods and tools to strengthen proper assements of (tC) risks of the products in the Organization
› define and address training needs regarding risk management

tC Clearing Management
> must drive measures and processes to early identify indications of a tC clearing concern
> ensure the registration and continuous update of available relevant information on the tC clearing concern in the “tC Clearing Management Tool”
> ensure informing the Group Sector tC Representative and Group Sector tC Head on the tC clearing concern
> Invite for Clearing meeting BA-level and take care of meeting minutes
> jointly analyze the tC clearing concern/ undertake further analysis together with BA-Level clearing meeting participants in terms of probability of occurrence and the severity of impact (including review of facts indicating a potential cross-BA/ cross-Group Sector tC concern) including preparation of problem description and analysis results
> jointly discuss and prepare formulation of a potential solution/ mitigation measure together with BA-Level clearing meeting participants
> jointly evaluate and decide on an appropriate Recurrence Prevention based on Structured Problem Solving process with the outcome of Lessons Learned.
> escalate the tC clearing concern to the Clearing Management on Group Sector-level in case solution/ mitigation measure get not approved or in case of a veto
> close the tC clearing concern and forward it to the tC Risk Management in case it is not suspicious or confirmed
> inform the concerned BA QM & tC Head/ Group Sector tC Head of the tC clearing concern,  if cross-BA/ cross-Group Sector criteria is confirmed  
> Optionally participate in the Clearing meeting Group Sector-level and Group tC Committee
> providing support along the tC clearing management process
> ensuring an information flow to relevant stakeholders and escalations as needed

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Academic degree in engineering, natural science or comparable qualification

Professional experience in the above-mentioned areas

Team player

Problem solving - strong analytical ability

Strong verbal and written communication


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