Head of Production


Managing Production. Responsible for ensuring there is a system / process that controls production, taking into account of customer-relevant specifications. The monitoring of the production processes carried out by the relevant standardized KPI's (Ex. Output, Scrap, Efficiency, open Quantities). Initiated improvement programs using the: Continuous improvement  process. Is responsible for the availability / provision of resources (such as people, machines, surface). Enforce safety, quality and discipline at shop floor.



Leading, Qualifying and training of employees. By means of:
▪  Personal Development Program 
▪  5S Systematic (ESH Standards)
▪  Team Meetings, face to face Dialog
▪  Qualification Matrix and evaluating the effectiveness.

Guidelines for the control of resources and their use (staff, equipment and space):
▪  Budget
▪  Material flow use of space (process flow and layout)
▪  Head Count / Recruiting
▪  Vacation; Framework for presence employees
▪  Productivity
▪  Capacity Planning taking into account cost, quality and order situation.

Inserting of the process / definition of the guidelines for:
▪ Continuous reduction of waste, using the tools under consideration (Control Plan P-FMEA, 5 Why) 
▪ Total Productive Maintenance/ Process optimization / Cost savings
▪ Productivity improvement
▪ Tool maintenance and handling under observance and monitoring of the guidelines.

Definition of the System / introducing of processes / definition of the guidelines for:
▪ Continuous reduction of manufacturing costs using the tools of P-FMEA, DDW and 5 Why)
▪ TPM / CIM / CSP /
▪ Audits (internal, external, SOS) - Productivity
▪ Tool maintenance
Responsible for follow-up for PS training and LL (existing training plan, meetings, etc.)
Ensure effective communication between PS trainer and LL coordinator
Reporting of the KPIs for PS & LL at Segment level

Actively participates in environmental safety and health activities
Participation in the establishment, maintenance documentation of the ESH Management System and Energy Management ISO 45001 & ISO 50001
Responsible for demonstrating their commitment to continuous improvement of Occupational Health and Safety performance.
Compliance with the security requirements applicable to the organization.




At Continental we are committed to building an inclusive and discrimination-free ecosystem in Mexico, these principles are rooted in our corporate philosophy and culture. Therefore, it is totally forbidden to request a pregnancy or HIV test as part of our selection processes.

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Continental desarrolla tecnologías y servicios vanguardistas para la movilidad sostenible e interconectada de personas y bienes. Fundada en 1871, la empresa de tecnología ofrece soluciones seguras, eficientes, inteligentes y asequibles para vehículos, máquinas, tráfico y transporte. En 2022, Continental generó ventas por 39 400 millones de euros y actualmente emplea a unas 200 000 personas en 57 países y mercados.

El sector del grupo ContiTech desarrolla y fabrica, por ejemplo, productos y sistemas de materiales cruzados, respetuosos con el medioambiente e inteligentes para la industria automotriz, ingeniería ferroviaria, minería, agricultura y otras industrias clave. Guiados por la visión de «soluciones inteligentes y sostenibles más allá de los productos de caucho», este sector del grupo se apoya en su vasto conocimiento de la industria y los materiales para abrir nuevas oportunidades de negocio mediante la combinación de diferentes materiales con componentes electrónicos y servicios individuales.