Mechanics Engineer


Develops innovative solutions, concepts for
mechanical design projects. Participates in the
development of patents. Apply cross-domain
▪ Significantly contributes to definition of technical
standards and drives the implementation of new
standards, technologies and methods actively.
▪ Creates generic solutions and derives, publishes
and promotes design patterns and best practices.
▪ Challenges technology team decisions, when
▪ Contributes to process improvement and definition.
▪ Knows and adheres to the defined development
▪ Participates in project management activities by
planning and estimating and defining own and
others' workpackages.
▪ Interface to the customer (end customer, project
team) with a high degree of expertise.
▪ Regularly reports status and deviations (delays,
process deviations) to project responsibles.
▪ Communicates with project team in order to
exchange information and identify improvement
▪ Acts as a Reviewer and Counselor for others' work
▪ Collaborates with Project Responsible and/or QA in
verifying results
▪ Internal / external presentation of project results
and reports
▪ As a key expert, actively promotes and drivesknow-how build-up in his area of expertise and with
other experts
▪ Guides and coaches colleagues in own technical
field of expertise
▪ Participating in knowledge sharing communities
▪ Actively drives knowledge sharing process
▪ Develops training concepts and develops and
delivers trainings in a specific field
▪ Actively drives training process
▪ To respect the law regarding work and security
aspects according to the actual legal legislation (see
annex to job profile) and also the Internal Rules,
specific Health&Safety working instructions and the
operational procedures and working instructions
related to OH&S (Occupational Health & Safety)
Management System.
▪ Proceed with responsibility towards environment
and energy efficiency, in conformity with applicable
legal requirements and other requirements, in
conformity with internal requirements included in the
quality, environment, safety and health, and energy
manual, internal procedures and operating
▪ To respect the law regarding fire prevention
according to the actual legal legislation (see annex
to job profile) and also the general and specific
instructions related to fire prevention and responsive

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