WUI-NEW-ESH Engineer


1. Familiar with ISO14001 & ISO45001 management systems.
2. Collaborate with the global ESH team with regards to new process to be implemented.
3. Ensure that all controlled documents like operating procedures and working instructions are maintained and updated regularly.
4. Conduct ESH related audits, inspections and visits, as required.
5. Identify and accessing the EHS applicable legal and requirements.
6. Provide technical support to facilities, including training, orientation and advice on ESH issue.
7. Issue and supervise high risk work permit, e.g. hot work, confined space, lifting etc.
8. Make sure the construction follow the EHS permit requirement and take part in any change discussion during the construction phase.
9. Track accident information data from facilities for reporting.
10. Follow up of CPAP regularly.
11. Other duties as required.




1. Bachelor’s degree or above in environment, safety, chemistry or other similar.
2. At least 3 years total experience in ESH, work in manufacturing operations.
3. Knowledge of local regulations related to the environment and safety and occupational health.
4. Must be self-motivated, well organized, have strong interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
5. Must be proficient with WORD, EXCEL, Outlook, TEAMs and presentation software.
6. Ability to read, speak and write in English.



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