Algorithm developer for Computer Vision (3D reconstruction) - Autonomous Mobility (TM)


We are looking for a software engineer with good know how of C++ programming language and inclination towards mathematical models and image processing.

You will develop (together with a team) the algorithm for detecting the depth of the surrounding scene. Based on inputs (e.g. optical flow) from moving mono(non-stereo) cameras you will design and improve algorithms that establish the depth (3D location) of surrounding elements. You will track and refine these measurements until the requested accuracy and density are fulfilling the needs of downstream functionality (like pothole detection, rough road detection, free space detection…), and meet the constraints of hardware(runtime).




  • Good Knowledge and experience (3+ years) in C++. Experience in Java, C# or other multiparadigm language is also taken in consideration;
  • Understanding and passion for algorithms, specific in image processing or signal processing (e.g. Kalman filters, tracking, etc.);
  • Able to handle design (based on principles), implementation and (unit)testing in an agile approach;
  • Ability to work with mathematical models and abstractions;
  • Physics competencies (e.g.: motion models and coordinate systems).

    Can be a plus:
  • Python, MATLAB;
  • Embedded systems know how (Compilers, CPU Architectures, optimization, vector processing);
  • Machine learning, including deep learning neural networks.

    What we offer:
    Pay for Performance:
  • Achievement Bonuses and Rewards;
  • Relocation Bonus for non-Timisoara Residents;
  • Recommendation Bonuses for new team members;
  • Flexibility Program including flexible hours, mobile work and sabbaticals.

  • Health & Wellness (Private Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Sport activities etc.);
  • Different discounts (glasses, tires, medical, shopping);
  • In-house restaurant & coffee corners.

    Life-Long Learning:
  • Technical, Soft Skills & Leadership trainings;
  • Dedicated Programs and Conferences;
  • Free Language Courses (English, German, French etc);
  • Access to e-learning platforms;
  • Career development opportunities (local and international);
  • Internal development communities (Experts, Agile Community of Practice, Artificial Intelligence etc).


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We develop Autonomous Mobility, an emerging and innovative field in the automotive business. Using video and lidar sensors, our end products are “looking” around the vehicle and take actions like making the driver aware of dangers, brake the car or even steer it out of the harm’s way. The goal of this kind of systems is to help protect the lives of passengers and pedestrians alike.

In particular, the Detection Software group is handling various processing steps in the Computer Vision stack for driving scenarios (e.g. front looking cameras) and parking scenarios (e.g. surround vision cameras).