CT IAPAC PD MPE Material Industrialization



▪ Inspire and develop people by trust and freedom to act considering ONE ContiTech philisofy;
▪ Functional lead of material industrialization team (optional);
▪ Facilitate know how gathering, filing and preservation for future use and support investment process;
▪ Communicate and execute the CT IAM PD MatPE strategy into the organisation;
▪ Manage, review and steer Material Industrialization projects 


▪ Lead the Material Team for industrialization (optional);
▪ Cooperation with central departments and external partners for implementation of new raw materials and production technologies;
▪ Support PUR and SCM on technical discussions regarding alternate raw materials; 
▪ Foster material savings, phase-out of harzardous materials, cost improvement projects and activities according to product requirements and customer focus;
▪ Support the effective product and know how transfers, technology for manufacturing processes and troubleshooting between facilities;
▪ Develop competent technical resources to meet the goals of the business;
▪ Keep contact with central deptartmetns on research topics;
▪ Cooperation with external partners (suppliers, universities, institutes);

Supplier contact

▪ Contact and collaborate with supplier (fabric, cord, polymers, rubber chemicals, etc.) to support product localization, quality, material property deviation and sampling processes;
▪ Cooperate with PUR and SCM on checking availability and capability of raw material sources;
▪ Implement new alternative material supplier and support supplier audit;

Lab Testing

▪ Organize laboratory testing on alternative materials;
▪ Evaluate and interpret results;
▪ Support to protect and create intellectual property for the group;

Material qualification

▪ Evaluation and approval of product and material properties during industrialization in accordance with product requirements;
▪ Foster material introduction at the facilities according to regional strategy;


▪ Support competitor samples and situation analysis; 


▪ Ensure environmentally friendly handling of materials, avoid the use and introduction of hazardous materials;
▪ Fulfill legal and customer requirements in collaboration with Corporate Health and Safety;


▪ Support on project/product complaints and investigations;
▪ Supplier Audits, Supplier Approval;


Leadership (optional)

▪ Coordinate materials group projects and priorities;
▪ Collaborate with Supply Chain to prioritize and approve second source suppliers;
▪ Coordinate materials group co-ops;
▪ Provide coaching and performance evaluations for direct reports;


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Chemist, Chemical Engineer or corelated areas;

Experience in the industrialization of technical products;
Experience with products and application fields;            

Experience in Project Management - Planning, Leading, Monitoring, Risk management;        

Experience on leading people and technical teams (optional);

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