Production Supervisor


To achieve Sales Target & Budget for the year.
1. Explain to the subordinates the annual target and assign to them their individual target.
2. Conduct daily meeting and post progress in the information board for monitoring.

To achieve EBITA Target & Budget for the year.
1.  To produce the target volume according to the prescribed efficiency rate (TE/TGB) and Target OEE in conformance to customer’s schedule within the budget material and labor cost

.Participates in Strategic Planning and ensures its progress and implementation.
1. Plan projects and set milestone in accordance with Department's strategy.

Participates in monitoring and ensures completion of New Product Run (PPAP)
1. Support for the timely execution of the introduction of new product launches.   

To produce the target volume according to the prescribed efficiency rate (TE/TGB) and OEE in conformance to customer’s schedule at a budget material and labor cost.
1. Ensure Daily Production meeting strictly tackled all the KPI's progress.
2. Manage and monitor KPI's (0km, Scrap, LDC/MDC, Turn rate, Logistics cost & premium freight)  

Maintain and expand good business partner relationship (External/Internal Relations)
1. Handle claims & feedback appropriately.

 Identify Training & Certification requirements and request opportunities for development. 
1. Require them to attend to any training assigned to them for individual development.
2. Trains, directs, discipline and evaluates performance of subordinates.  

Support and practice Organization's Core values
1. Ensure that the team's behaviors are aligned with the core values through Daily meeting.

1. Participates in the HR Program initiatives.
2. Environmental, Safety and Health Program initiatives.

Assist in other tasks which could help in the good and benefit of the subordinates and management.
1. Maintain open lines of communication between employees and management.

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1. Set daily/weekly objectives and communicate them to subordinates
2. Administering / Handling Manpower
3. Check production output according to specifications
4. Literacy in Computer Basic (Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point)
5. Basic System Application Program (SAP) - Transaction, iGate (WIP/MaMa/EVAPROD) 
or equivalent application.
6. Tools in controlling the budget forecast of his/her Department.
7. Inventory Control Management
8. Knowledge on Systems & Principles - e.g. ISO/TS16949, ISO 140001, ESD, CBS (TPM etc)
9. Knowledge on specific Customer requirements
10. Process Capabilty Improvement / CBS, FMEA, Control Plan
11. Lean Manufacturing System

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We make individual mobility safer, more comfortable and more sustainable. As a partner to the automotive industry, Continental develops and manufactures components, modules and systems. The safety and comfort of road users are at the center of our work. In addition, we develop ever more products which contribute to the protection of the environment by reducing fuel consumption.


Continental is one of the five largest automobile suppliers worldwide. Our development centers and production facilities are located where our customers are, so we are always nearby – worldwide. Many of our business units have excellent competitive positions: We are number one worldwide for foundation brakes, safety electronics, telematics, vehicle instrumentation, and fuel supply systems, and number two for electronic brake systems and brake boosters. We are the fourth worldwide for tires and are the European market leader for passenger and light truck tires, winter tires, and industrial tires. Our ContiTech division is the world market leader for foils used in vehicle interiors, conveyor belts, as well as for air springs used in rail transportation technology.


The Plant is certified on TS 16949, ISO 14001, ANSI  ESD S.20-2007, IEC 61340-5-1:2007.

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