Sensor Fusion Software Developer/Engineer for Autonomous Driving - AM (TM)


We are a mature team of software engineers and developers focused on the development of framework for a multi-sensor fusion algorithms, especially in the areas of road representation and traffic participants.
Working closely with mathematicians and physicist, our goal is to provide them a framework for the final product: a comprehensive description of the environment around the vehicle, fusing detections from available Autonomous Mobility sensors (camera, radar, lidar etc.).


Insights of environmental model framework are referring to:

  • Scheduling;
  • Data transmission and data integrity;
  • Error handling and degradation;
  • Data logging;
  • Code tunning at runtime;
  • Architectural concepts and implementation;
  • Hardware integration/deployments;
  • Advanced debugging.

    Our team definition is "Let's do it!" and, as a Continental Automotive headquarter for sensor fusion systems, we are looking for a new colleague similar with us - with a great team spirit, communicative and proactive.


Technical skillsets we are searching for are:

  • Software engineering (Agile methods, Scrum, Version Control, Static code checking, unit testing, continuous integration);
  • Build environments (CMake, Makefile etc.);
  • Object Oriented Programming - embedded C++ - (classes, polymorphism, overloading, templates);
  • Microprocessor fundamentals ;
  • RTOS;
  • Advanced protocols fundamentals (CAN, Ethernet);
  • UML (diagrams);
  • Scripting programming knowledge (e.g. Python);
  • Working closely with a hardware (including debugger)
  • Ability to understand assembly code.

    What we offer:
    Pay for Performance:
  • Achievement Bonuses and Rewards;
  • Relocation Bonus for non-Timisoara Residents;
  • Recommendation Bonuses for new team members;
  • Flexibility Program including flexible hours, mobile work and sabbaticals.

  • Health & Wellness (Private Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Sport activities etc.);
  • Different discounts (glasses, tires, medical, shopping);
  • In-house restaurant & coffee corners.

    Life-Long Learning:
  • Technical, Soft Skills & Leadership trainings;
  • Dedicated Programs and Conferences;
  • Free Language Courses (English, German, French etc);
  • Access to e-learning platforms;
  • Career development opportunities (local and international);
  • Internal development communities (Experts, Agile Community of Practice, Artificial Intelligence etc).


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