Footprint Realization Manager (FRM)

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The Footprint Realization Manager (FRM) is the overall project leader for footprint expansion and adaptation projects for Continental Automotive plants or locations. The FRM must ensure that the project meets the by eCR approved timing, budget and functionality and ensures the start of regular operation.
In some cases the FRM is also in charge of developing the scope and related business case of the project.

Some of the main activites are:

▪Set up of project organization, workstreams & targets with support of the internal expert departments
▪Resource planning and staffing of workstreams with support of the internal expert departments
▪Develop and maintain the execution plan for all relevant functions (e.g. HR, IT, SCM) in compliance with the valid processes (phases, deliverables, gates, etc.)  throughout life of project, achieving the agreed operations objectives
▪Collect, manage and document requirements from stakeholders throughout the project
▪Tailor optional activities according to the project needs and ensure compliance to the processes.
▪Actively look for Lessons Learned from other recent Footprint projects of Continental Automotive worldwide
▪Define resource & hiring plan and coordinate staffing activities in case of Greenfield project

▪Budget related activities such as: Budget break down and tracking of workstreams, cash flow planning, managing deviations and coordinate with workstreams

▪ Create Risk analysis and mitigation plan 
▪ Establish regular reviews on status and risks
▪ Decide on mitigation measures or deviations or escalate decision to steering committee

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Votre profil

  • BA and Operations Organization:
    • Knows existing processes and rules and internal escalation and decision-making structures
    • Knows the methods, tools and contact persons for managing the project in operations
  • Project Management and Reporting     
    • Knowledge of methods and Tools such as:
      • Factory Planning process CA 0600931 + Mandate BM
      • Product Life Cycle, New product launch CAP0602001-01
      • Overview on operations related rules from House of Rules
      • MS Project advanced skills
      • Excel - advanced skills
  • Financials control in Operations and New Project introductions
    • Understand Key financial indicators at BA / Product level (EBIT, ROS, Gross Margin), 
    • Understand PCIS and eCR processes.
    • Manages Project Budget (GPA, expenses, spending FC, Obligo)
    • Track, keep and reports  Ramp Up costs and deviation
  • Technical Knowledge 
    • Production technology, Basic technical product knowledge 
    • Understanding of technical requirements for production in (electronic) factories & field of industrial engineering
    • SCM: Logistic concepts, Overall functions and processes in a (electronic) factory. 
    • SAP Systems (change management, build readiness, logistics readiness - components and customers
  • Quality Knowledge
    • Of automotive production requirements
    • Automotive quality management system
    • Knowledge of key quality indicators
    • Quality tools and methods for problem analysis & solving 
  • Knowledge on specific customer requirements 
  • Risk Management Methods
  • CBS methods Knowledge
  • Team building, motivation and management skills
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