Senior Maintenance Engineer

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1) 配合经理的工作,完成公司下达的各项管理指标。

Cooperate with the manager's job, complete the company issued the management indicators. 2)负责工程维修部的全面工作,负责部门员工的业务培训和考核;负责指挥日常维修保养;下属员工工作的检查督导;负责维修工具及日常消耗品控制管理等。

Be responsible for the whole job of engineering maintenance department, responsible for business training and assessment of the department staff;Responsible for directing daily maintenance;The staff work inspection supervision;Responsible for the maintenance tools and daily consumables control management, etc. 3)组织制定设备设施维修计划和方案

Make equipment maintenance plan and scheme 4)深入现场,掌握人员及设备状况,审核各种运行记录,掌握能耗规律,及时处理异常情况

Master personnel and equipment status, review all kinds of running records, grasp the energy law, deal with abnormal situation in a timely manner 5)不定期检查重点设备运行状况,不断改进设备缺陷,支持下属合理的技术改造,使设备日趋完善。

Regularly check the running status of the key equipment continuously improve equipment defects, support staff and reasonable technical renovation, make the equipment improvement. 6)建立健全各项规章制度,落实奖惩措施,提高管理水平。

Establish and improve various rules and regulations, to carry out the rewards and punishments measures, improve the management level. 7)定期召开维修部会议,指正工作中的不足之处,听取汇报总结,布置工作,了解员工生活、工作、思想等实际情况,并尽量帮助解决。

Maintenance department meeting regularly, to point out mistakes in the work deficiency, listen to the report summary, work arrangement, understanding employees live and work, ideas, such as the actual situation, and try to help solve. 8)负责工程方面技术图纸、文件和设备档案的接管和归档工作。

Responsible for engineering technical drawings, documents and equipment archives take over and filing work.


Report to the manager on a regular basis, to complete other tasks assigned by the superiors.

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Votre profil

1 3年以上管理工作经验。

Above 3 years’ management working experience.

2 熟悉PLC(可编程控制器)程序设计和伺服电动机控制系统。

Familiar with PLC programming and Servo motor control system.

3 制定维护计划包括备用部件管理。

Maintenance planning incl. spare parts management.

4 熟悉模具和夹具的控制和管理过程。

Familiar with tooling and jig control and management process.

5 对维护团队具有领导力。

Leadership of maintenance team.

6 良好的团队合作精神和强烈的责任心。

Good team work spirit and strong responsibility.

7 良好的英语说,读,写能力。

Good English in oral, reading and writing.

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