Technical Service Leader

Vos activités

Coordination and management of all customers technical support activities with the following tasks:  

  • Advice on choosing the product, based on the customer's needs
  • Analysis of data and requirements required by the market.
  • Activities for the development of potential technical specifications, in relation to the pricing and contractual requirements required and/or foreseen by the market.
  • Management and interpretation of the requirements requested by customers, to understand and anticipate their needs.
  • Identification and resolution of complaints received from the market, recommending corrective actions to prevent them from occurring in the future.
  • Investigation of new applications or product improvements in relation to market demands.
  • Management of internal alignment activities between the technical requirements required by the market with the technical specifications of the products.
  • Constant updating on the products offered by competitors and related business intelligence activities.
  • Coordination of prototyping activities, in relation to the times and requests imposed by customers.
  • Management of the allocation of approved exempted material
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Votre profil

Technical specialization (Engineering, Chemistry, etc.)

Minimum 5-7 years of experience in a similar role Origin from similar industrial realities is preferential

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Notre offre

Analysis skills

Effective communication skills

Ability to interface with different functions and at different organizational levels

Problem solving

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A propos de nous

Continental Coates Systems Italy SpA is a company leader in the world of printing blankets.

We produce and sell rubber solutions

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