FH_202308_108_GM Executive Assistant

Vos activités

Budget Management:
Keeping the Budget well managed in consideration to the cost-saying initiatives as defined for the entire year,

  • Preparation of the following year's budget for the GM’s office and monthly monitoring of actual expenses vs. budget.
  • Keep the target of 3% sayings for the year.
  • Making sound decision in identifying most critical and important fields in budget creation.

Full support on the management’s agility measures.

  • Observes zero overtime but ensures effectiveness in completing assigned tasks on time, but mostly ahead of time.
  • Supports cost-savings in office supplies.
  • Supports whatever program related to water and energy conservation initiatives.

Managing & Organizing:
As we (AST) are always called for what is on-hand urgency of the matter and situation, planning and organizing help a lot in setting the priorities in a situation.

  • Planning and preparations for the yearly Plant Operations Review with the BUs, Monthly Staff Meeting, and Weekly Management Meeting.
  • Initiates a year-round activities/projects for the Admin Specialists Team (AST} aligned to the Plant set goals and objectives

Quality Orientation and Customer Satisfaction Focus:
Always practice the Quality First mindset in everything we do, thus, providing a high level quality of output.

  • Observes and maintains the GM’s office housekeeping and 5s BIC standards and requirements at all times. 3.) Organizes and updates the GM’s calendar of activities
  • Handles local and international travel arrangements  for the GM, as well as for other CONTI incoming guests when requested. This include flight reservations coordination, hotel bookings, car arrangements, etc.
  • Handles travel and regular reimbursements, liquidations and other related transactions of the GM.
  • Maintaining well-organized filing system and good management  of admin tasks and business Systems in all levels of the organization (Department/Segment, Plant, BU & External Org like SEIPI & LISP2).
  • Maintains and safekeeps all confidential and pertinent records/documents inlended for the GM's Office.
  • Screens and records all internal and extemal documents submitted to and issued to the unit.
  • Sees to it that all outgoing documents are immediately forwarded/transmitted to the respective addressee
  • Coordinates preparation of Management meetings, which include the preparation of notice of the meeting thru calendar invite, agenda, venue, presentation materials, and other things that may be required in the meeting.
  • Transcribes and publishes minutes of the meeting presided by the GM (Weekly Management Meeting, Monthly Staff Meeting, etc.)
  • Coordinates with the Executive Team on the closure of action items identified during the meeting.
  • Regularly updates and sends Monthly Report to the Business Areas, and other needed files for the CAC Board of Management Meeting and the BA Sharepoint
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A propos de nous

We make individual mobility safer, more comfortable and more sustainable. As a partner to the automotive industry, Continental develops and manufactures components, modules and systems. The safety and comfort of road users are at the center of our work. In addition, we develop ever more products which contribute to the protection of the environment by reducing fuel consumption.

Continental is one of the five largest automobile suppliers worldwide. Our development centers and production facilities are located where our customers are, so we are always nearby – worldwide. Many of our business units have excellent competitive positions: We are number one worldwide for foundation brakes, safety electronics, telematics, vehicle instrumentation, and fuel supply systems, and number two for electronic brake systems and brake boosters. We are the fourth worldwide for tires and are the European market leader for passenger and light truck tires, winter tires, and industrial tires. Our ContiTech division is the world market leader for foils used in vehicle interiors, conveyor belts, as well as for air springs used in rail transportation technology.

The Plant is certified on IATF 16949, ISO 14001, ANSI  ESD S.20-2007, IEC 61340-5-1:2007.

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