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Systems Engineer is the engineering discipline that focuses on integrating the required the key elements of a system into one overall system.

<Role & Reponsibility>
 -Analyze customer requirements and provide System requirement specification for Aribag control unit.
 -Create system architecture design and share with platform generation for Airbag control unit.
 -Analyze sensor requirement and evaluate seonsor performance with technical knowlege of Impact sensing and Inertal sensor (acceleration and angular rate sesnor).
 -Develop Functional Safety functionality to follow ISO26262 with technical knowlege of System FMEA/FTA.
 -Develop Security&Privacy functionality to follow ISO21434 / ISO24089
 -Provide work products in line to milestone definitions according to development process and project schedule.
 -Create competitive technical quote concepts
 -Develop and maintain aligned and synchronized product and key component roadmaps based on market demands and BA strategy

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Votre profil

Technical knowlege of System engineering role as below
 -Development process, ASPICE, ISO26262, ISO21434...
 -uC, ASIC, Accleleration sensor, Angular rate sensor base knowledge
 -FMEA/FTA experience

Communication/ Negotiation Skills as below
 -Capability to explain technical issues to customer and to convince him to safey design.
 -Intercultural competence to manage distributed international team
 -Technical know-how and engineering experience with J-OEM

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Notre offre

***コンチネンタルで働くことにご興味のある方は、 オンラインよりご応募下さい***

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