Robot Perception and Control Engineer Intern

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We need you to implement the environment perception and path planning functions of the robot based on ROS's NVIDIA Jetson products.

You will use sensor data such as lidar and cameras to help the robot perceive the surrounding environment and plan the movement of the robot and mechanical arm using regulation and control algorithms.

Your job will involve Robot Operation System (ROS), mechanical arm control, and robot motion planning algorithm.

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- Are passionate about the automotive industry and future mobility.

- Are an undergraduate or graduate student majoring in electronics engineering, robotics engineering, vehicle engineering, or related fields.

- Can work 4 days a week and are available for a 4-6 month internship.

- Are familiar with ROS, Autoware, or Apollo platforms and have related project experience.

- Are familiar with common perception sensors, such as lidar and cameras.

- Are familiar with planning algorithms and MoveIt.

- Have good C++ / Python programming skills and software development experience.

- Possess problem-solving skills and excellent teamwork spirit.

- Have experience in robot perception and control or related fields preferentially.

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• Total 2 ~6 months.

• Minimum 3 whole working days every week on regular basis.

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