Quality Engineer

Vos activités

1) REVENUE: a) Assure best Quality of the manufactured products for satisfaction of Continental customers and support the achievement of the revenue target.
- Guarantee quality projects on major KPI's.

2) PROFIT: a) Implement robust process controls to prevent defects, scrap, NCC to achieve the profit target. b)  Organize team that analyzes process control data and take appropriate actions for improvement. c) Meet customer requirements on each project and assure high quality standard.

3) STRATEGY / PLANNING: a) Implement Quality strategy to achieve the targets aligned with Company goals and objectives. b) Identify projects that will impact the achievement of KPI's. c) Planning and tracking of production quality goals and tasks. d) Facilitates agreement for the continuous implementation of customer requirements.

4) NEW BUSINESS / PRODUCT / TECHNOLOGY: a) Ensure that the process and machine qualification systems is working and implemented. b) Assure business continuity thru robust Quality process applying New technology and techniques. c) Be abreast on New technologies related to Quality topics.

5) QUALITY  / PTODUCTIVITY: a) Make use of Continental Quality System to assure all related processes meets the requirements of International Standards and Customer, and improving the system whenever necessary in a  lean approach. b) Ensure that  process and product audits are correctly executed and feedback to the system for continuous improvement. c) Ensure effective use of quality tools, processes and systems to support customer quality requirements. d) Protect the Customer by stopping deliveries of suspicious parts that could result to warranty claims and recalls which may endanger the Company image. e) Ensure implementation of change control management system to assess quality impact of any proposed change. f) Ensures that internal and external production quality requirements are adequately addressed in the project and plant organization. g) Validates and measure effectiveness of corrective actions through data analysis and reports to prevent defect recurrence.

6) EXTERNAL/INTERNAL CUSTOMERS: a) Maintain the business partnership with customers, suppliers and other interested parties. b) Understand customer requirements and deliver accordingly. c) Gain customer's trust through on-time response and transparent communication. d) Customer Focus Champion

7) TALENT MANAGEMENT: a) Uphold the Skill Needs Assessment (SNA) to achieve the desired competency level. b) Coach the launch team regarding all production quality issues and processes c) Identify Training & Certification requirements and provide opportunities for development. 

8) ORGANIZATION BUILDING  SUPPORT: a) Communicate and escalate any product quality issues in production, organize lessons learned and promote quality mindset in the whole organization. b) Maintain and implement effective quality solutions to meet customer expectation. c) Actively participate on Quality programs like Quality Month, Quality Basic Training, Quality Awards. d) Execute Process Audit (VDA 6.3, Product Audit, LPA/5K) to check compliance to customer and company requirements. e) ead line preparation for incoming internal and external visits.

9) ENVIRONMENT / CSR: a) Promote Core Values and Malasakit culture through active involvement in Company activities. b) Initiate Malasakit activities c) Participate in Human Relations in their CSR and GWP activities

10) OTHERS: Perform other tasks that may be assigned by the Supervisor

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Votre profil

Required Knowledge: 
a) Communication and Presentation Skills
b) IATF 16949, ISO 9001
c) Control Plan, FMEA, Process Flow
d) 8D, Fault Tree, Problem Solving
e) Handling of Non-conforming Product  / MRB
f) 7 QC Tools, SPC, MSA (GR&R, AR&R), Calibration
g) Change Management System / CCB, PCN/PTN
h) Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
i) IPC 610, 5K/LPA
j) Material Analysis and PV Test

Education/Certification: Bachelor Science of Engineering: Electrical, Electronics and Communications, Mechanical, Chemical, Industrial, Computer, Materials
Professional Experience: Bachelor Science of Engineering: Electrical, Electronics and Communications, Mechanical, Chemical, Industrial, Computer, Materials
Project/Process Experience: a) Experience in electronics and manufacturing procesess.
b) Project and problem resolution experience
Leadership Experience: a) Experience in handling people. 
b) Capable in handling and communicating with customers
Intercultural/International Experience: Experience in working with people of different cultures

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Notre offre

Ready to drive with Continental? Take the first step and fill in the online application.

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A propos de nous

We make individual mobility safer, more comfortable and more sustainable. As a partner to the automotive industry, Continental develops and manufactures components, modules and systems. The safety and comfort of road users are at the center of our work. In addition, we develop ever more products which contribute to the protection of the environment by reducing fuel consumption.

Continental is one of the five largest automobile suppliers worldwide. Our development centers and production facilities are located where our customers are, so we are always nearby – worldwide. Many of our business units have excellent competitive positions: We are number one worldwide for foundation brakes, safety electronics, telematics, vehicle instrumentation, and fuel supply systems, and number two for electronic brake systems and brake boosters. We are the fourth worldwide for tires and are the European market leader for passenger and light truck tires, winter tires, and industrial tires. Our ContiTech division is the world market leader for foils used in vehicle interiors, conveyor belts, as well as for air springs used in rail transportation technology.

The Plant is certified on TS 16949, ISO 14001, ANSI  ESD S.20-2007, IEC 61340-5-1:2007.

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