Wireless Engineer (RF & Network) Intern (IDA: 2022-00119)

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Be part of the RF Engineers Team to be involved in the development of wireless products and components for Automotive vehicles! Learn about Continental’s equipment, devices and processes taken to innovate the future of mobility & transportation.

Job Description:

  • Be part of the development cycle for automotive products such as networking or wireless communication in high-end vehicles (Measurement, Testing, Analysis, Diagnosis)
  • Work alongside RF Engineers in R&D for Wireless Communications within Automotive Vehicles
  • Technical management & calibration of wireless signals and frequency waves for a smooth operation of equipment and wireless products
  • Be introduced to and learn various RF & wireless equipment to develop technical & management skills (identifying, tracking and itemising wireless equipment)
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Internship Requirements:

  • Background in Engineering (Computer/Electrical/Electronics/Wireless/Communication Engineering)
  • Strong technical & management interest in Wireless Engineering
  • Knowledge of Wireless & RF Equipment (Network Analyser & Oscilloscope)
  • Knowledge in software programming (Python, C++)
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