WUI-REP-Disassembly Technician 拆卸技师(芜湖)

Tus actividades

1.Take charge of 5S management on production line and training of new employees, make regular evaluation for operators
2.Train employees to operate exactly as instructed in WI and process regulations, correct, train and examine wrong operations, check training result
3.Supervise production progress to assure production plan be finished as customer requires, disposition of mantissa
4.Organize people to make basic protection and maintenance to equipments, assist shift leaders to ensure continuous improvement for production lines
5.Organize the preparation for production or change of shift according to production plan
6.Rework the defect products and make initial judgement to defect and unusual production condition, set up follow up
7.Check, take random and patrol inspection to the first and last parts during production, check and confirm the finished products
8.Protect related documents or files on production line
9.Make precise record in time according to regulations, to assure the record is true and complete, find out whether related line record is complete and supervise protection and update it

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Tu perfil

1.Technical School or higher
2.More than 1 year of working experience with related products and automation
3.Experience in training

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Lo que ofrecemos

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Acerca de nosotros

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