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Marketing Strategy / Vision 2030 Macro plan
Product, Price, Place, People - Analyze market trends and develop Strategic Marketing Strategy based on analysis and feedback. Develop and implement a marketing plan specifically for the PLT & Truck market segment. Analysis of the effectiveness of all marketing efforts. Oversee market research and customer surveys to assess demand, brand positioning and awareness. Utilize various motor industry and economic key indicators to understand the market dynamics. Construct macro forecasts for PLT & TT RE that will form the foundation for V2030 dates. 

Market segmentation matrix
Create a segmentation of the consumer market that we intend to target with each brand within the brand portfolio. Understand each segment's LSM and where they are defined for mass media

Quantifying the segments
Understand the consumer segmentation with relation to new vehicle sales. Quantify the size of the consumer segment using the vehicle parc as a foundation. Develop a replacement factor that allows the segment size to be quantified into a tyre need. Develop a data model that allows the tyre need to be translated into a sales volume strategy. Monitoring the changes within each segment

Brand Architecture

Define the brand architecture in comparison to central for Southern Africa.

Brand and product matrix
Define a map of brands and product lines including their OE fitment and their intended consumer segments to determine the type of consumer who will eventually go to a dealer for tyre replacement. Link the consumer segment to the vehicle’s consumer segment as a reference

Business Plans
- Build business plans for all new brand introductions or product line introductions/expansions. Measure initial assumptions of all business plans against reality once the project is realized. Define the brochures that are required for each tyre line to be produced by marketing communication. 

Financial and commercial evaluation of the product roadmap
Conduct analysis within the profitability report to understand which product lines are profitable. 

Business Intelligence

Identify & develop new business development strategies & opportunities via Business Intelligence. Consider relevance, & advise CTSA management on implementation;
Identify & develop process optimization concepts to improve business processes, plans & projects. Conduct a market segmentation for product, price, promotions, place, including competitive analysis related to business opportunity;

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Relevant tertiary Qualification

Minimum 5 years  relevant experience 

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Medimed Medical Aid – with 2 options to choose from with the Company subsidizing 50% of the cost

Provident Fund – 2 options to choose from with the Company contributing  an additional 10.5% towards it.

Tyre Purchase discount for up to 8 tyres a year

Long service awards payments from 10 years of loyal service

Study Assistance and Bursaries

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Annual incentive

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