SIOP Operational Team - Control Tower

Tus actividades

As the SIOP Operation Team Cluster CS NA, your key role is to lead and oversee Demand and Capacity Planning functions within the SIOP Operations Team. This involves coordinating demand forecasting, capacity planning, and monitoring processes. Your primary focus will be on optimizing inventory levels and delivery performance. Additionally, you'll be responsible for developing, monitoring, and analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs) related to the S&OP process. Through strategic guidance and effective leadership, you'll contribute to improving operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and overall business performance by leveraging data-driven insights to optimize the company's supply chain, demand forecasting, and inventory management.

Your Tasks

SIOP operations team: execution/operation:

  • You ensure - reliably & in time: the execution of all agreed processes, system operations (transactions, functions, jobs ...), reportings the preparation & provision of all agreed KPIs, reports, dashboards;
  • You continuously work on improving;
  • in-system data quality & accuracy, with a special focus on Forecasts: Demand resp. Sales FC, Inventory FC;
  • operational SIOP processes in close collaborate with the Demand Fulfillment Cluster, all involved functions & the BA "Processes & Projects" team;
  • system functionality, features, tools ... by actively collaborating with IT, CKU/LKU, the CT SCM Smart SCM team;
  • overall SIOP process efficiency & system performance, by actvely; investigating / testing new - digital - technolgies, together with the respective GS functions ( IT, CT SCM Smart SCM team).

Stock Strategy

  • Finish Goods: Define safety stock strategy for finish goods apply the most modern statistical models (e.g. ABC_XYZ), define the replenishment model, considering all existing models in the system;
  • Raw Material: Provide guidance to plant about how to define raws stock strategy;
  • Target: Have a balance inventory in order to achieve the financial and market targets.

Demand Planning

  • Statistical Forecat
  • Define best forecast model, taking in consideration all available option in current system, or any other toll;
  • Set up system in order to define best way to consolidate all material by sales channel;
  • Ensure Statistical forecast, that will be used as the based to sales forecast;
  • Sales Forecast Support ;
  •  Define consolidated of materials based on sales region/verticals; 
  •  Provide a statistical forecast as base for sales team realize the sales forecast;
  •  Provide trainning to sales team about system sales forecast process. 

Material Master Data

  • Finish Goods: Maintan material master database with the accurate information (e.g., ABC calculation, MRP view, forecast view)  
  • Raw Material: Provide guidance to the plants procurement about how to update raw material master data (e.g., ABC calculation, MRP view, forecast view)

Supply Planning

  • Release demand to plants, defined quantity and realistic delivered date; 
  • Monitoring supply from all factories or third parts.
  • Monitor and control inventory level, chasing the targets of inventory turns and stock health.

KPI Reporting & Monitoring

  • Reporting and Monitoring all principal and secundary KPI defined by GC or BA related to Demand Fulfillment; 
  • Ensure aplication of method defined by governance team;
  • Ensure all stakeholder will have access to thes KPI;
  • Report developing in Power BI.
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Tu perfil

  • Degree in SCM, Engineering, Operations, Software engineering, Information Technology;
  • Experience in design of SCM processes;
    Basic know-how regarding the common SCM tools and methods in particular familiarity with the supply chain systems, process & standards;
  • Strong SAP & Power BI know how;
  • Proven track record in implementing SCM processes or atomate systems;
  • Basic level regarding SCM Process understanding;
  • No leadership experience needed;
    Desired international management experience ;
  • Desired experienced in working successfully on an international level in projects as well as direct responsibility;
  • High level of customer orientation.
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Acerca de nosotros

Continental develops pioneering technologies and services for sustainable and connected mobility of people and their goods. Founded in 1871, the technology company offers safe, efficient, intelligent and affordable solutions for vehicles, machines, traffic and transportation. In 2021, Continental generated sales of €33.8 billion and currently employs more than 190,000 people in 58 countries and markets. On October 8, 2021, the company celebrated its 150th anniversary. The ContiTech group sector develops and manufactures, for example, cross-material, environmentally friendly and intelligent products and systems for the automotive industry, railway engineering, mining, agriculture and other key industries. Guided by the vision of “smart and sustainable solutions beyond rubber,” the group sector draws on its long-standing knowledge of the industry and materials to open up new business opportunities by combining various materials with electronic components and individual services.

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