PDC DS System Head PDC DS 系统经理 (芜湖)

Tus actividades

1.Project Management

▪ Ensure full TPRR role setup and staffing for Project Execution (Resource, Budget, Experience etc.).
▪ Support acquisition team for best technical solution to ensure competiveness.
▪ Regular technical project meeting to review and monitor project exectuion; support team with Decision Making, Rsk Mitigation, Escalations. 
▪ Review and Approve System Level MLC release to ensure proper maturity level.
▪ Interface with HQ and other location for project support and info exchange.

2.People Management

▪ People development through Training, Coaching, Mentoring.
▪ Technical competence & Skill development based on Product Roadmap & Knowhow Trend. 
▪ Identify Individual Development Plan / Career Path in line with Employee Expection and Team Needs.
▪ Proactively improve team performance (e.g. employee dialogue and incentive).

3.Process Governance & Quality Assurance

▪ Ensure standard process implementation in project exection.
▪ Ensure quality awareness of TPRR team.
▪ Gather input for continuous process improvement.
▪ Support Process and Quality audits.


▪ Support execution of PDC Generic Projects / Innovations in local.
▪ Drive continuous improvement initiatives in TPRR.

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Tu perfil

1.In-depth experience with the product portfolio -- Advanced

2.Planning and Organization -- Advanced

3.Communication skills --  Advanced

4.Capability to take initiative --  Advanced

5.Good language skills (English) --  Advanced

6.Product development knowhow -- Advanced

7.leadership skills -- Advanced

8.project management -- Advanced

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Lo que ofrecemos

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Acerca de nosotros

科技公司德国大陆集团成立于1871年,为车辆、机械设备、交通及运输领域提供安全、高效、智能且经济适用的解决方案。2021年大陆集团销售额为338亿欧元。目前集团在全球员工数量超过190,000 名,遍及58个国家和地区。大陆中国于2022~2024年连续三年荣膺“中国杰出雇主”。


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