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Create, implement and manage profitable growth within BUS key accounts. Select target key accounts, increasing Continentals share of target key accounts business and then managing each key account individually as a mini business to ensure profitable growth, by growing sales volume, improving price positioning, improving product mix, and managing both fixed and variable expenses.

Communicate key account strategies. Ensure that key account strategies and objectives are supported at business unit levels by both Continental personnel and selected customers.
Manage contract processes in close coordination with legal department to ensure all compliance issues are properly maintained in regard to government and private regulations.
Collectively conduct and maintain a market analysis in order to continuously determine the needs/requirements of the Truck Dealers segment. Matrix the needs/requirements of end users and agencies against the required internal capabilities of the organization and the internal capabilities of the competitors. Based on the market segmentation needs/requirements, develop and manage the implementation of the strategy to grow the sales capabilities of the Truck Dealers channel.
Collectively develop, maintain and implement an innovative sales toolbox in order to clearly highlight the benefits of the Continental organizations abilities to meet the market segmentations needs/requirements. Collectively maintain the fleet data base in order to develop the strategy to select target market segments and key accounts based on the Continental organization strategically planned capabilities.
Individually manage the implementation of the strategic marketing, sales and operational initiatives to support your identified and allocated key accounts
"Individually act as business advisor with your allocated key accounts to add value to their organization, through a win/win relationship, ultimately increasing the revenue and profitability of the organization.
Individually direct regional personnel through the correct channels to ensure that the key account strategies are adhered to and supported on a regional level, clearly communicating individual responsibilities e.g. credit management, returns, adjustments, forecasts, visit agendas, business solicitation, fleet checks etc.
Individually manage agreed operational KPI’s e.g. expenses, FC, stock levels, fill rates, tire performance tracking etc, for each of your key accounts to support the CTA strategies.
Collectively support the marketing department by obtaining competitive information to support the development of strategic initiatives as well as event planning, promotions etc
Collectively act as strategic sales representatives for the field sales organizations with respect to the 5-year planning process, etc.
Collectively manage the key accounts pricing strategy and individually implement this strategy to your individual key accounts.
Resolve operational and administrative issues, respond internal and external inquiries, and prepare routine and special reports as required by management"

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Tu perfil

Bachelors Degree (4 year college) +
3 to 5 years + Truck Tire experience (BUS channel)
3 to 5 years + Experience negotiating with different customers/peers and situations.
Excel (advanced)
English (advanced)
Business Plan Preparation
Consulting Skill
Presentation skills
Sales Management
Technical Product Knowledge

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SG 11

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Acerca de nosotros

Continental desarrolla tecnologías y servicios vanguardistas para la movilidad sostenible e interconectada de personas y bienes. Fundada en 1871, la empresa de tecnología ofrece soluciones seguras, eficientes, inteligentes y asequibles para vehículos, máquinas, tráfico y transporte. En 2020, Continental generó ventas por 37 700 millones de euros y actualmente emplea a más de 192 000 personas en 58 países y mercados. El 8 de octubre de 2021, la empresa celebró su 150.o aniversario. Con su cartera de productos de primera calidad en el segmento de neumáticos para automóviles, camiones, buses, vehículos de dos ruedas y especiales, el área de negocio Tires representa la excelencia de rendimiento innovador en el ámbito de la tecnología de los neumáticos. Los servicios para concesionarios y para la administración de flotas, así como los sistemas digitales de monitoreo y gestión de neumáticos son otros de los campos en los que se centra el área. El objetivo es contribuir a la movilidad segura, económica y sostenible.

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