Customer Quality Engineer

Your tasks

General▪  Dealt with customer feedbacks, conducted failure analysis of defective products and proposed solutions;
▪  Conducted regular customer satisfaction surveys and put forward long-term improvement measures for existing problems;
▪ Accompany customers to audit the factory (in the process of new project development and mass production) and follow up and reply problems;
▪  Collect customer PPAP documents, evaluate (to ensure that customer requirements are implemented in quality planning, such as control requirements of key features, whether the actual short-term process ability is up to standard, etc.) and submit according to the actual situation of each SEGMENT
▪ Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.
  完成上级交办的其他事项。Monitoring and Reporting▪ ensure quality performance (KPI) monitoring and reporting (e.g. regarding customer complaints,field complain,warranty cost etc.) in cooperation with plant controlling and production
▪ initiate and control measures to improve quality performance

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