Senior Software Engineer for motor control applications - CES (TM)

Your tasks

Do you enjoy technical challenges in SW development projects in Automotive industry? Are you passionate about actuator controls or just SW development in general?

For our Engineering Location Timisoara, we are searching for a motivated and passionate person to be part of our Continental Engineering Services (CES) Team.

Actuators are devices that convert energy into mechanical motion or force, and they are widely used in industries such as robotics, automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, and more.

Who are we?

Continental Engineering Services (CES) is active worldwide as an independently operating provider of comprehensive engineering services.

The segment "Interior Functions" develops embedded system solutions for all interior functions in all kinds of vehicles. 

We develop by integration of existing components stable and fast solutions for use in small series and special vehicles. We are always seeking useful applications beyond the automotive area and also offer a range of conceptual and feasibility studies.

Our portfolio of innovative products offers flexible and customization solutions across the automotive and non-automotive markets.

What we develop?

Network, Actuator Control and Lights Business Center we develop SW for actuator controls:

  • roof control units
  • door control units
  • power lift gates
  • gateways
  • light applications for premium/sport cars.

Main tasks:

  • You will be responsible for designing control algorithms that regulate the actuator's position, velocity, force, or torque based on system requirements. This involves selecting appropriate control techniques such as PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative), adaptive control, fuzzy logic, or model predictive control.
  • You will be involved in testing and validating the actuator control systems. This includes conducting experiments, collecting data, and analyzing the system's performance to ensure that it meets the desired specifications.
  • Actuator control engineers need to ensure the safety and reliability of the control systems. They analyze potential failure modes, implement fault detection and diagnostics mechanisms, and develop strategies for fault tolerance and redundancy to prevent hazardous situations.
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Your profile

  • University degree (e.g. Computer Science, Informatics, Electronics)
  • 5+ years experience in embedded software development
  • advanced embedded C programming skills
  • Experience with control system hardware (sensors, actuators, microcontrollers) are beneficial.
  • Good knowledge on automotive products.
  • Knowledge of vehicle networks and low-level communication protocols
  • Experience with AUTOSAR Architecture is a plus
  • English – speaking and writing level.
  • Ability to analyze and breakdown a software solution.
  • Problem solving skills
  • Good Analytical skills
  • Attention to detail, and a passion for continuous learning are important in this field, as actuator control technology continues to advance.
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Our offer

  • What we offer :
    Pay for Performance:
  • Achievement Bonuses and Rewards;
  • Relocation Bonus for non-Timisoara Residents;
  • Recommendation Bonuses for new team members;
  • Flexibility Program including flexible hours, mobile work and sabbaticals.

  • Health & Wellness (Private Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Sport activities etc.);
  • Different discounts (glasses, tires, medical, shopping);
  • In-house restaurant & coffee corners.

    Life-Long Learning:
  • Technical, Soft Skills & Leadership trainings;
  • Dedicated Programs and Conferences;
  • Free Language Courses (English, German, French etc);
  • Access to e-learning platforms;
  • Career development opportunities (local and international);
  • Internal development communities (Experts, Agile Community of Practice, Artificial Intelligence etc).

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