Category buyer Product Related Licenses 软件专利品类采购(芜湖)

Your tasks

The worldwide responsible Category Buyer of category purchasing product related licenses
- is leading specific sourcing on various technologies implemented as Software Product from Continental's supplier base
-Category Purchasing is the main interface towards the embedded supplier base (delivering Software, data, fonts) as well as the product related Internet of Things (IOT) supplier base (delivering SAAS, PAAS, IAAS) starting from acquisition phase until SOP
-and is the interface towards all 5 Business' Areas Advanced Purchasing community in leading new supplier sourcing activities.

1) Counterpart in midsize companies of embedded Software, Data, Licensing industries
- on supplier's CEO/CFO level for small & midsize companies
- on sales director level on larger size companies
2) Worldwide Leader for specific sourcing requests.
- worldwide support of Categories' customer and supplier
3) Commercial responsibility for the product related licenses (material costs)
- Support BA Purchasing in Calculate Bill-of-Material (BOM) during acquisition phase.
- Responsible for Annual Price Reduction, Productivity, cost reduction.
- Responsible to meet payment terms.
- Responsible to close supplier contracts before SOP.
- Responsible for sourcing documentation including risk mitigation explanation.
4) Support creating Strategies for specific technology fields
- Facilitate regular communication to exchange product strategy from BA's and purchasing strategy from CAT Purchasing.
- Set up of competitive supplier base and component strategy together with Global Category Management.
- Support cross Category on the needs of product related licenses.

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Your profile

1. Bachelor or above;(Good Fresh Graduate is also welcomed) 
2. More than 5 years' purchasing experience related with software will be preferred;
3. Good communication and English speaking.

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Our offer

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