Project Manager

Your tasks

▪ Define project goals (financial, scheduling and quality goals)
▪ Selecting project core team members in conjunction with the line management
▪ Establish adequate project organization (meeting structure, information/ knowledge exchange, documentation, archiving) 
▪ Setup an initial project plan in accordance with the BU's valid processes (phases, deliverables, milestones/ Q-Gates, etc.)
▪ Ensure compliance to the BU's processes 

▪ Track the project progress, define corrective measures if deviating form the plan
▪ Control the usage of the released project budget and project resources per approved project plan
▪ Report the project status in accordance with the valid tool and process set 
▪ Install and perform professional change management
▪ Perform risk assessment, control and steer the implementation of risk measures 
▪ Escalate issues if necessary

▪ Representation of project in customer meetings
▪ Representation of project-interests in supplier meetings
▪ Based on professional, well documented change management negotiated changes and claims with the customer and with suppliers 
▪ Protect confidentiality of project data

▪ Actively manage stakeholder expectations, inform and involve stakeholders on a regular basis and in an appropriate manner
▪ Assign work packages to project team members
▪ Help build up a supportive culture of cooperation and team work with the project

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Your profile

Knows existing industry standards, processes and rules and internal decision-making structures
- Continental Escalation procedures are known and applied in a structured way
- Knows the processes of the subprojects and project - related continental processes  (development processes, release processes, logistics processes, etc…)
Knows the methods, tools and contact persons for leading and managing the project
- Knows the processes of the subprojects and project - related continental processes  (development processes, release processes, logistics processes, etc…)
- Is in contact with the relevant stakeholders in the disciplines and locations (segment and line structures)
- Is in contact with KAM and Q-KAM
- Tools: uses ePSR, Global PS, ePPT, MSPE
- Is familiar with the main customer processes (development and quality))

Knows Continental and its environment, the corporate strategy and its goals
- Knows the structure and strategy of the own business segments

Knows the Product Life Cycle
- Applies PLC, is able to tailor PLC
- Actively uses:
- Risk Management
- Change Management
- Release & Review Management

Knowledge of development processes for relevant products / components
- Knows processes and methods. Is able to judge project constraints and risks resulting from disciplines Financial Issues Management
Lead and manage a project within the specified time, budget, and quality framework to the satisfaction of the customers, ensuring economic success for the company and profitability of the product over lifetime
- Manages the project to achieve the projects targets (time, budget, scope) and takes appropriate measures to positively influence the financial results of the project (sales, profit - ROS, cash flow - IRR)
Knowledge on project target costing and profitability analysis
- Drives Design to Cost measures to improve financial performance of the project
Proficiency in coordination of financial aspects (e.g., EBIT tracking over project lifetime, handover to production plant, capital request knowledge, influence of Project P&L)
- Actively monitors all relevant positions in the profitability calculation which can be influenced by the project
- Takes appropriate measures to positively influence production related financial figures (investment, production variable cost drivers like cycle times, ...)Technical Knowledge
Strong/solid knowledge on production technology and processes
- Can judge advantages/ disadvantages of different production technologies and relate them to the project targets (invest cost vs. Lead-times, product costs, quality status)
Engineering knowledge over different disciplines
- Can judge the maturity of the engineering solutions. ▪ Is familiar with existing system platforms
- Knows the platforms and drives internally the design to apply optimized solutions Planning, Controlling and Reporting
Select and negotiate the necessary resources together with line management
- Identifies team setup based on technical needs
- Select, negotiate and agree the needed resources together with line management
- Drive escalation if needed
Establish project documentation structure and set up efficient project organization
- Defines an organizational and communication structure to the project (internally and externally) which minimized complexity and reduces interfaces
- Decision structures must be clear
- Reporting structure is defined to balance alignment needs vs. resource consumption in the project
- Documentation and Configuration structure on Project Level is defined
Analyze and monitor the objectives and project fulfillment from technical, commercial, quality, and schedule related perspectives
- Setup appropriate reporting structure with all stakeholders to evaluate project progress
- Actively uses Continental standard reporting (ePSR with included information on R&D consumption, Milestone trend analysis, etc…)
- Identify key parameters to observe project progress and monitor them (1. based on existing methods and tools - like feature ramp up and 2. based on the risk situation of the project)
Recognize deviations promptly, identify causes of problems and solve them effectively or escalate to the appropriate decision board
- Recognize deviations to planning status and identify root causes
- Actively drive problem solution in the project
- Actively drive escalation to management if problem cannot be solved by the team alone
Lead meetings with core team, customer and management
- Meeting structure is defined to balance alignment needs vs. resource consumption in the project
- Apply standard meeting rules (preparation, agenda, protocol…)
- Define and follow-up on tasks (customer and internally)
Represent the project towards decision making bodies
- Represent project to internal higher management on specific occasions (Q-Gate Review etc..)
- Represent project to customer Customer Management
Communicate effectively with customers regarding project status
- Setup reporting structures effectively based on standard information
- Proactively drive information exchange with the customer for the project▪ Develop and implement strategy for and enhance professional relationship with customer
- maintain customer contact in a professional way: perform regular meetings and perform on the agreed tasks
Knows the customer's market and competitors as well as its strategies, business processes and decision makers
- Knows the target vehicles, production locations, market regions and associated volumes for the specific product
Identify business opportunities arising from current project
- Identify and actively pursue opportunities to grow in the same product family Staff Management
▪ Define and delegate tasks and other responsibilities to the team members
- Defines tasks in common agreement with respective (core) team member and obtain fulfillment
- Apply this also to global project teams▪ Gives input to performance reviews of team members for line management
- Provide input of performance upon request by line management
Is able to train others on the PLC and relevant processes
- Advices on demand, based on the PLC
Is able to coach concerning PM topics
- gives coaching to team members on specific fields Change Management
Estimate the impact of changes in requirements on time, costs, and technical functions
- Setup a change management system with the customer (forms of requests, acceptance procedures, etc...)
- Develop change management strategy with customer (due dates for changes)
- Conduct change management regularly and evaluate impact to the project (budget, timing, scope)
Negotiate with customer the required changes successfully
- Defines negotiation targets with the intention to drive the financial performance of the project and assure risk minimized implementation of requested changes Risk Management
Estimate and financially assess risks in the project
- Setup a risk monitoring system and continuously (monthly) follow - up on the status of the identified risks
Develop risk reduction strategies for the project and define and implement measures
- Define and follow-up on countermeasure plans. Communicate significant risks clearly and regularly to management Claim Management
Identify claim possibilities according to legal, commercial and technical aspects together with Business  Developer and Key Account Manager and implement actions consequently
- Collect commercial input for claims when asked to do itQuotation Management
Support the quotation phase together with sales department
- Provide input upon request
Develop the overall concept for the project
- Is able to define independently the complete concept for quote packages (technical, logistics, manufacturing, etc…) International Cooperation
Align and manage team members from different countries
- Align team members and customer contacts with a small portion from foreign countries
Recognize and deal with legal requirements in respective market/country
- Act in the awareness of legal difference when this information is provided▪ Knowledge of English
- English level to be able to communicate and follow-up on tasks


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About us

Continental develops pioneering technologies and services for sustainable and connected mobility of people and their goods. Founded in 1871, the technology company offers safe, efficient, intelligent and affordable solutions for vehicles, machines, traffic and transportation. In 2021, Continental generated sales of €33.8 billion and currently employs more than 190,000 people in 58 countries and markets. On October 8, 2021, the company celebrated its 150th anniversary.

The Automotive group sector comprises technologies for passive safety, brake, chassis, motion and motion control systems. Innovative solutions for assisted and automated driving, display and operating technologies, as well as audio and camera solutions for the vehicle interior, are also part of the portfolio, as is intelligent information and communication technology for the mobility services of fleet operators and commercial vehicle manufacturers. Comprehensive activities relating to connectivity technologies, vehicle electronics and high-performance computers round off the range of products and services.

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