ADAS_072-3000_ESH Senior Engineer_R

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Main Tasks 主要职责

  • Coordinate ESH cases and  ESH Team work;协调公司ESH事务及ESH小组工作;


  • Follow up ESH controlling and management work  and report to ESH manager;跟踪公司ESH的控制及管理工作,向ESH经理报告;
  • Develop and follow up EHS standards  (Waste Management, Waste Water Discharge, Air Quality, Machine Safety, Occupational Safety, Industrial Hygiene and Fire Prevention and Protection, Energy Conservation, Occupational Accidents).
    开发并落实公司EHS 管理要求(废物管理、废水排放、空气质量机械安全,职业安全,工业卫生和防火,节能,能,事故调查等)。
  • Support the establishment of a safety culture within the plant by developing and providing appropriate tools and methods (e. g. hazard analysis and evaluation, exposure analysis and evaluation, job safety analysis and evaluation) to prevent and analyze deviations or unsafe conditions.
  • Improve and optimize the environment, health, safety management on man-machine engineering,safety standardiztion system,etc;    ESH方面,比如人机工程、安全标准化等的优化及改善;
  • ESH documents preparation起草和发布ESH程序文件
  • Perform  ESH system internal audit on ISO14001/ISO45001/ISO5001; 推动和持续改进ISO14001/ISO45001/ISO5001等ESH体系,并组织内审、外审
  • Contact with headquarter and report regularly 定期与总部ESH工作部门联系及汇报工作
  • Contact with related departments from government and apply for related confirmation

Contact with related departments in company to optimize the ESH work.

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Ihr Profil

Profile 概况

Education 教育程度

  • College above with major in industry safety engineering, environmental or related major.

Professional Experience & skills  工作经验及技能

  • 5 years above working experience in ESH, well understanding in safety, environmental, engineering Hygiene laws and ESH system 五年以上ESH工作经验,了解政府有关安全,环保和工业卫生的法律法规和EHS系统。
  • Familiar with environmental protection and monitor, safety operation and safety management.
  • Well understanding for ISO14001 and ISO45001 ; Own the  ISO14001/ISO45001/ISO5001 internal auditor certification 良好的ISO14001/ISO45001/ISO5001环境健康安全知识理解;具有相关内审员证书
  • Good English skill available 良好的英语沟通能力
  • Good communication capability and team work spirit  良好的沟通能力及团队精神
  • Computer operation skill. 良好的计算机操作
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