Automotive DevOps Architect (PMT)

Ihre Aufgaben

  • Define Automotive DevOps strategy including
    • Scope, inputs and outputs
    • Architecture of the CI/CT framework including the development, integration and test tools and their interactions.  (Tools are e.g. Jira, GitHub, DOORS, Rhapsody, Artifactory,...)
    • Integration process and workflow
    • Reporting and tracking methods
    • Delivery / Release model
  • Align CI/CT method with project stakeholders (SY architect, SW architect, Test Architect, Test Manager)
  • Alignment with Global PMT Group
  • Document the CI/CT strategy in Integration & Test Plan
  • Communicate / coach the method inside the project
  • Support in development and maintenance of the framework
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Ihr Profil

  • Bachelor degree or above, major in Computer Science, Electrical & Electronics or Automation Engineering.
  • Knowhow about SW/SY integration process & method
  • Knowledge about (Must )
    • GitHub
    • Artifactory
    • Yocto Linux
    • Conan
    • Kubernetes
    • Cloud native 
    • Python
  • Option:
    • Megamerge
    • Conti Customer Portal (CCP)
    • Google Repo
    • Docker
    • Groovy
    • Vtest studio
  • Strong sense of delivery and ownership
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Unser Angebot

Additional points of knowledge:

  1. Agile Knowledge
  2. Tool and Scripting knowledge for Grafana
  3. MySQL

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