Retail Data Analyst 零售数据分析员

Ihre Aufgaben

As a retail data analyst, need to support monitoring of tire retail channel development and performance through defined methodology, make sure databank adds value and supports all functions of retail development.

Channel performance tracking:

▪ Support Continental 360 degree retail monitoring of channel development and performance, make sure data analytics adds value and supports all functions of retail development.

▪ Base on retailers' monthly or quarterly performance to calculate rebate.

Shop profile & data Management:

▪ Support building retail data intelligence functions

▪ Match existing Conti shops to defined retail categories based on concept criteria (Entry, Big tire shops, Potential BestDrive) to support retail business growth

▪ Select qualify stores to receive internal/external support based on business objective (e.g. training needs, marketing promotion etc.)

Retailer operation tools management:

▪ Maintain the retail operation platform and tools to ensure normal operation

▪Develop new platform or tools functions to satisfy retailers' operation needs



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Ihr Profil

- Bachelor degree in Business Management/Statistics

- 1-2 years working experience in data analysis related field

- Experience in cross-functional project

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