Team Leader

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Take care of the integrity of your team, achieve excellent results that comply with quality and meet the delivery objectives established on time, using resources efficiently.

*Actively participate in the activities of the Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health management system.                                                                                                              * Is responsible for meeting and enforcing the quality standards defined in their areas.       * Work as a team with technicians and quality auditors to keep scrap within target.            * Escalate with your immediate boss about recurring problems to be able to solve them effectively.                                                                                                                               *Authority to stop production in case the previously established requirements are not met. * Supervision and release of the first run at the start of production, complying with the operating parameters and material specifications.                                                                * During execution, verify compliance with the operating parameters, as well as the material specifications.                                                                                                          * Responsible for monitoring so that the new projects implemented by CBS are fulfilled and respected.                                                                                                                         * It is responsible for the execution and fulfillment of the production plan and control plan of its areas and/or its machines.                                                                                            * It is in charge of following up on failures or problems that generate stoppages in the machines through WO (Work Orders).                                                                                  * Scale with your immediate boss about recurring problems that affect the efficiency of your area.                                                                                                                         *Validates the captures in BDE of the quantities and times registered.              *Responsible for actively participating in the CBT1 meeting, review of the action plan, compliance or non-compliance with activities and escalating recurring or unresolved problems to their immediate boss, respecting the established escalation system.                 * High frequency audits the correct use of raw materials and/or material from production processes.                                                                                                                              * Personnel responsible for discipline under his supervision.                                                * Direct the special tasks to be carried out under the order of the Machine Leader.             * Manage permits and vacations for your staff in coordination with your immediate boss. *Responsible for promoting teamwork with his staff and with other areas.                            * In coordination with his supervisor, he monitors the incidents of his personnel that justify the application of the RIT *Support in the fulfillment of objectives defined in each of their teams. *Evaluation of the formation and training of new personnel (Operators and Machine Leaders).                                                                                                                  * Responsible for the evaluation for the changes of categories of each worker. *Support of the performance evaluation of the machine leaders (Mysuccess).                                        * Give feedback and communicate, efficiently to your work teams, the short and medium term plans.                                                                                                                             * Ensures and promotes staff assistance to meet production targets.                             *Support to organize the role of staff to fulfill the management of additional shifts.             * Control the proper handling of raw materials, semi-finished, recycled and waste material.                                                                                                                                 * Ensure production to meet urgent shipments and have open communication channels   * Participate in compliance with autonomous maintenance, as well as report failures and raise repetitive failures, respecting the escalation system.                                                    * Implement strategies or ideas to reduce failure times in your machine.                             * Get involved with your machine mates to keep the machines clean and functional.          * Follow-up of the findings found in the TPM                                                                                                                                                                        

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