Técnico(a) de calidad Sr (FE)

Vaše náplň práce

Responsible for administration and Coordination for analysis activities of the reject/suspect parts on the production line according to the stablished analysis flow based on electronic knowledge and norms (like IPC A 610), in order to implement or coordinate containment actions on the production line if needed, as well perform risk analysis in coordination with Product/Quality Eng. Responsible for the products meet the quality standards.Supporting  and participation in continuous improvement projects as needed. Responsible to develope, stablish and monitor effectiveness  product audit and production line release every shift/change over, etc. Support in activities derived from new launches, projects and lines. Responsible to lead personnel (Quality Tech and Quality Inspector) and coordinate activities to quality assurance, develop and monitoring KPIs (Scrap/IDR/DPMO). 

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Váš profil

Education / Certification: Bachelor in Engineering (Electronic, electro mechanic, mechatronic) or Technical studies on Electronic

Professional Experience: (Variety of Functions, Variety of Business, General Management Experience)Desirable Two years in Automotive Industry or 6 months in Continental 

Project and/or Process Experience: MES traceability system, Analysis & Rework software, Quality audits line release, SAP basic operation (Search documents, block units), Structured problem solving (Basic), Super CEP. 

Leadership Experience: Basic

Intercultural / International Experience: Desirable 

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Co nabízíme

Production Line Rejects

1. Coordinate and stablish containment action for  production rejects etc.
3. Coordinate Provide analysis reports well documented to stablish a communication with the supplier in case of being necessary.
4. Dispose the suspect material (physically as well as on the system) as SCRAP or material to be reprocessed
5. Assure quality audits and Safe-launch and provide execution evidence. 

Problem Solving

1. Utilize the A3 problem solving to solve the problems, define the cause and root cause.
2. Support to Product Engineer and Quality Engineer on the complex failure analysis and implementing containment actions

Quality Guidelines

1. Complete domain, understanding and application of the procedures that are mentioned on their Responsibility Matrix (defined by Continental Aguascalientes).

Production activities

1. Responsible to assure Product Audit based on the defined timing
2. Responsible to assure execution to  inspect the first pieces of the production line to release the line after a change over, change shift, maintenance on the line, etc.
3.Responsible to identify and inventory all the suspect material in order this be on the quarantine area
4. Monitoring  execution product characteristic audit  ,if this is the case, stops the product and the machine that causes the failure until it is released again, verifying that the operations avoid waste and ensure product quality.
5. Defines and executes containment actions when required and suggests improvement actions
6. Support  in continues improvement activities.
7. Releases the reworked product according to the acceptance criteria for the product ensuring the compliance with the specifications required by the customer.

Line Release 

1. Releases the production start-up process, validating that the equipment and the product meet the parameters specified
2.Verify that the operations are carried out according the quality of the product.
3. Follow-up and closure of quality alerts. 

Available to support afternoon / evening shift

“En Continental estamos comprometidos con la construcción de un ecosistema incluyente y libre de 
discriminación en México, estos principios se encuentran asentados en nuestra filosofía y cultura 
corporativa. Por lo cual, queda totalmente prohibido solicitar prueba de embarazo o VIH como parte de 
nuestros procesos de selección“

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O nás

Continental desarrolla tecnologías y servicios vanguardistas para la movilidad sostenible e interconectada de personas y bienes. Fundada en 1871, la empresa de tecnología ofrece soluciones seguras, eficientes, inteligentes y asequibles para vehículos, máquinas, tráfico y transporte. En 2021, Continental generó ventas por 33 800 millones de euros y actualmente emplea a más de 190 000 personas en 58 países y mercados. El 8 de octubre de 2021, la empresa celebró su 150.o aniversario.El sector del grupo Automotive incluye tecnologías para sistemas de seguridad pasiva, frenos, chasis, movimiento y control de movimiento. La cartera también cuenta con soluciones innovadoras para la conducción asistida y automatizada, tecnologías de visualización y operación, soluciones de audio y cámara para el interior del vehículo, así como con tecnología inteligente de información y comunicación para los servicios de movilidad de operadores de flotas y fabricantes de vehículos comerciales. La gama de productos y servicios se completa con actividades integrales relacionadas con tecnologías de conectividad, electrónica de vehículos y computadoras de alto rendimiento.

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