CN_Retail Digital Specialist

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[Continental Tires]

Act as retail LKU of all related business systems to steer system development and update from business side. Design and operate retail digital / O2O programs and activities echoing with big retail strategy to attract new retailers, continuously improve loyalty of retailers and increase operational efficiency for both Conti and retailers

Retail digitalization: - Plan and execute different retailer engagement program and activations via digital tools with different segments of retailers and increase their loyalty with Conti - Big retail operation toolkit: Based on data analysis and retailer needs to develop and consolidate internal/external tools and resources to keep enriching the big retail operation toolkit - Improve retailer and Conti internal user experience - Coordinate online process and data flow among Conti/distributor/retailer and end user - Big data mining for further retail excellence

Retail LKU of all retailed business systems: - Steer RMS functions development based on business requirements - Project management of RMS development, measurement, reporting and rollout activities - Communicating & collaborate with both internal customers and external vendors/customers to ensure efficient and effective development - Provide business requirements from retail perspective for related business systems (e.g., RMS, SAT…) - Proactively update/optimize RMS functions based on business needs investigation

Retail O2O operation: Coordinate with eCommerce and marketing team to manage Conti O2O related process - Launch non-tire products and service on O2O

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Váš profil

Project management

Numerical, analytical skills

Online operation and retailer loyalty/operation excellence

eCommerce and IT system knowledge

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O nás

大陆集团专业开发前沿性技术与服务,以人和货物运输为着眼点,致力于打造可持续且可联动的交通方式。集团成立于 1871 年,作为一家科技企业,它负责为车辆、机器、交通及运输行业提供安全、高效、智能且经济实惠的解决方案。2021 年,大陆集团实现营收 338 亿欧元,目前在 58 个国家和经营地雇用 190,000 多名员工。2021 年 10 月 8 日,集团庆祝其成立 150 周年。

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