SCT (RAE) - Senior/ Engineer, Software (Optimization)

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JOB TITLE: Software Engineer (Optimization) in the Research and Advanced Engineering department for Intelligent Fleet

We are looking for a Software Engineer (Optimization) for the functional development and system design of future mobility systems in Singapore.

You are part of an international team within the Software and Central Technologies, Research and Advanced Engineering at Continental.

- Location Singapore-

TASKS:  Formulate, analyze, and solve real-world problems originating from industrial applications, such as transportation, logistics, energy, and finance.
 Contribute to the design of new algorithms or to the improvement of the current tools for solving hard real-world operations research problems.
 Contribute to the design of an AI-powered decision-making platform that automates the decision process and is easy to rapidly implement applications and services.
 Research, develop and implement various optimization algorithms for current optimization software.
 Perform cutting-edge research and publish in top-tier Journals and Conferences.

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 Master or Ph.D. in Operations Research, Computer Science, or Computational Mathematics.
 Extensive experience in solving industrial-level mathematical optimization problems with applications in manufacturing, transportation, logistics, energy, finance, or related fields.
 Strong ability in mathematical modeling and problem-solving techniques.
 In-depth understanding of classical mathematical optimization problems, such as linear programming, mixed-integer programming, vehicle routing problems, constraint optimization, and scheduling problems.
 In-depth understanding of classical mathematical optimization algorithms, such as simplex algorithm, interior-point algorithm, branch-and-bound, column generation, decomposition techniques, meta-heuristic algorithms, and graph algorithms.
 Experience with off-the-shelf optimization software (e.g., Gurobi, CPLEX).
 Experience with Electric Vehicles is a plus.

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